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Is it possible to start a completely new game (as if it was your first time playing)? If so, then how?

Yes! Though I don't think the creator out up a specific date, I do believe there will be a voiced version this year :D

During foreplay mode, when the meter goes up (to take charge), just ignore it and continue until he "doms" you. Keep doing this and then sooner or later he'll become dominant :)

She's at the grocery store!

Go to the bookstore and buy the book that's says something about being a Tsundere :)

There is only one sex scene in the demo and that's the MC masturbating scene. Other than that, you'll have to get the full game to experience the other sex scenes :)

Foreplay mode happens only after you become lovers with your guy! So, you're not doing anything wrong there! To help you become lovers with Toru (or any of the guys) as soon as possible, you will need to hang out with him as much as possible. Everyday, you should try to hang out with him to trigger an event scene which fills up your stars. When you can't spend time with him on a certain day, you should remember what day you missed and hang out with him next week. For example, if you miss Toru on Wednesday due to an audition, then you should try to meet with him the following week's Wednesday. This will help with filling up the stars. As for the heart, spending time with him (when it doesn't trigger an event), calling him, and inviting him out on dates will raise it. IIRC you only need to heart filled up to 80? or 90% to get a confession scene. I hope this help?

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Have you tried scrolling down or clicking and holding on the bed and pulling it upwards (to go down)?

I'm pretty certain that the voiced version is going to be a free update but, I may be wrong.

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No, you can only buy the game digitally. I think it was a reward for those who funded the game before it came out.

Its just like how you'll get the scene with the other guys HOWEVER, Toru has to be top for the scene to be triggered!

That one is the beach cg and you get from taking Toru (your lover) to the beach! It happens during the summer holidays (July)

Thank you so much!

Does anybody know how to make Toru a top?