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What a magnificent work of art! Your game is amazing as always. I love the story and setting so much. Will definitely visit it again when I get hungry at night.

I'm really glad you enjoyed this hotpot experience. And thank you for your kind words!

The game is so sweet. Your art and color choice are amazing as always. Also, thank you for writing the dev log and explaining how it's made.

Absolutely adorable game! I learnt so much about helping hedgehog from this game.

Thank you so much for making this game! This is such a clever way to use the jam theme.

The art is incredible!! And I love how gameplay progresses! You surely put a lot of heart and soul into this game. :D

The windy forest at night look amazing! I love how you animated the trees and grasses to give a wind effect. The game also has a nice, mysterious atmosphere. 

What a lovely simple game. ♥︎ It leaves a good message and the music goes very well with the theme.

The game is very well linked to your chosen theme! The change from a walking-around zone to a space piloting zone is quite sudden and shocked me a bit though. XD

Thank you for playing! Haha I really need to learn how to add music into the game!

Thank you !

Thank you! :D

The gameplay was not as challenging as I thought, but very nice art & concept, indeed! :D

This is an enjoyable experience for people who love art and exhibitions! I really love the mini map and still try to figure out how you made time limit system. :D

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I keep gasping while walking around the maps. They are gorgeous! And the hints about the force makes me want to replay this game again and again to find out more. The mini-map idea is also genius.

Thank you!! This makes me so happy!

Love the art and your choice of colors, and love the writing even more.  (It took me two guesses, but I'll become as good as canon Snail Detective someday!)

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoy it.