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I’m glad you enjoyed the cookie selling trip! And thank you for your kind words.

Thank you for playing! You are too kind! ;v;

Thank you for your approval! ☺️ Do you mind stick this thread so it won’t be buried in the future?

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Guess I’ll go first :D

  1. My name is Nutta. From Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭(GMT+7)
  2. For this jam, I want to participate as a Pixel Artist. I can be a supporting 2D artist as well as programmer. (I can work with RPG Maker MV and have some knowledge for Twine)
    Here is my art blog:
  3. I’m looking for a team!
  4. Since I’m looking for a team right now, I don’t have an original idea for the game. But I’d like to work on a game that talks about feminism and real-world problems 💪🏼
  5. Please feel free to contact me on twitter @nuttatulipa
  6. I am an aspiring game dev and have joined few jams as an artist and programmer, but there are many things I still have to learn.
    Sugar Sugar Rune has a special place in my heart but as I grow up, I wish to see more of magical girls who fight real-world problems too!
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Heya! I noticed that there are many people joining the jam already, but there has not been a team-finding topic/discord set up yet. So I’d like to make this an unofficial place where people can do it. (I am not the jam host and cannot contact the jam host yet so there might be changes in the future) The thread is now approved!

Suggested template for self introduction & team finding:

  1. Your name:
  2. Your game developing role: (artist, programmer, musician, writer, etc. Bonus: share a link to your previous works)
  3. Are you looking for a team or teammate?
  4. Your game idea:
  5. How can people contact you?
  6. Tell something about yourself! (Who are your favorite magical girls? Your favorite games?)

Thank you so much for playing & your kind words!

The game is additive and I really like the idea of living in a city on the giant turtle!

What a zen game to play! It's enjoyable too see what hidden under the snow.

The art of this game looks very nice! I wish the interface is complete and there is some in-game intruction. But good job at making a prototype!

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The game was addictive but rather difficult. ;v; I died a lot haha! Wish there was some cooldown between each enemy's attack. As for the art, the sprites and background look really great!

I like how a small screen makes the game more challenging! Wish to play more levels and hear Toby's secret.

The bee sprite is sooo cute! I still try to get ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you for making this game! I had a lot of fun playing it. 

The story is very well written, and the art is really fit to the theme. Using twine-like links in dialogues is also very clever!

Heya! We’ve released the updated version which fixes the bugs we found! Please give it a try when you have time :D

Thank you for playing! Your comment means a lot to us! As for the loop, we have fixed the bug and will released the fixed version by this weekend, but for now you can bypass the loop by reading the daily announcement messages with Cancel button [X]

nutta’s Post-mortem

(Guess I’ll be the first person from my team who writes this, so here we go!)

First of all, I have to say that Escape From H1-MA Station is such an ambitious project for a 14-day jam! We planned so many things at first and had to cut the numbers down to make a minimal playable game. (Unfortunately, the game was still submitted late. But on a bright side,  our team started quite late as well.)

I was very confident with the engine (RPG Maker MV) at first because I’ve some basic knowledge. But making a visual novel with time-resource managing element was totally a new territory to me. It was challenging, yet entertaining to implement the time-calendar system and build the jobs and crafting system around it.

Since my knowledge about plugins was rather limited, I created most of the game mechanics with RMMV eventing. (The game used many tricks I’ve learned from old gba-era games, like combining some UI with the backgrounds)

The over-world map below was made solely with eventing. ;)

It surprised me that the visual novel part was actually the most time-consuming section of the development. One reason was because the engine was not mainly made for it; I had to put the character sprites and the script into the game sentence by sentence. (All of that worths the taken time though, because many players were impressed by it!) At least now I know how to do it quicker for the next games.

All in all, it was a fun experiment making this game. It also taught me a good lesson about communicating  with my teammates, especially when our team was from different timezones across the globe! Using Trello was a good way to keep the team updated and sharing the files on google drive made everything more organized and easy to find, which become crucial when I needed to put everything together.

I hope this post-mortem not only lets me reflect on things happening over the past few weeks, but also interest you to try our jam entry out!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy it. :D

Oh! What an interesting exploring mechanic. This could become a good story-telling game. Thank you for making it. 😄

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Our game is complete and the game files are now uploaded to the game page!

After the explosion of frozen star Tomo-E, our protagonist, the young engineer Phi, is put in the situation. With the frost blast meant to reach the station H1-MA, find a way to survive in any means.

  • Manage your time and resources to achieve your goal
  • 2 unique endings
  • 3 npcs with quests whose fate you can determine
  • 45 mins ~ 1 hr playtime
  • Beautiful sprites and backgrounds from @dotoriii
  • A chilling dark yet soothing script by @CaptainCamaron
  • A game design and concept by @nuttatulipa

Hello! The game file is uploaded to the game page now. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Heya, sorry for late! The game will be a late submission. We’ll get the file uploaded soon. :D

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Small(?) Animated Update this time! 🥳

Could this be... the beginning of a greedy landlord? 

Just kidding. These are just placeholder dialogues and UI, but aren’t the art assets looking amazing in game?

Please tell us what you think about it! Constructive criticisms are very appreciated!  
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Heya, survivors! ❄️🚀

We’re approaching the second half of the jam, and here are some small updates from the first days of this week:

dot has designed minor characters who will make their appearances throughout the game, like Reporter, Landlord, and Security Bot.

They also created the sketches of background pictures for each in-game location. Can you spot the Easter eggs in them?

CaptainCamaron has finished the scripts for Felix’s and Squish’s Befriending events. He plans to continue quickly to the next part, so there will be time for the scripts to be polished before the jam ends.

As for the programming aspect, I have implemented the Rocket Building and Crafting into the game, as well as a simple Inventory System.

I am currently working on balancing the time-resource challenge (with calculation on google excel). Once I have with it, I’ll start putting scripts and asset arts into game.

Talk to you later in the next devlog!

The characters and UI look wonderful. Great job! The gameplay also looks interesting. I wonder what input is used to use special moves.

Thank you! Our team are working hard to finish it. :D

Love the details you put into characters and environment. Thank you for making it. I really enjoy this good sci-fi... but CHEEEEIF!!! 😭

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Beep boop! 

Greeting, fellow humans. Our team is back again to report you about our how our 5th day went . 

First, the story... 

Our writer has finished writing the introduction and tutorial scene, and now working on scripts for Befriending Events of Major NPCs (Felix, Squish the raccoon, and K-273). We don’t want to give out spoilers, but let me tell you that CaptainCamaron has made sure every choices player can choose will have consequences.
H1-MA Escape Plan is a game about surviving after all... 

Second, the art! 

dotoriii has worked with color palettes and finalised the main characters design. Talking Sprites along with additional expressions are also produced today! They plan to work with other minor characters and background next. 

 And finally, the programming

I have more times on weekend to finish the minimum prototype on rpgmaker mv. The prototype consists of Day-Time system, Job system, and Map selection from Overworld. 

A flow chart shows how Day cycle in the game works

The game already has balloon text message and few simple UI like, Day-Time hud and Credit (money) hud, which I wish to show you more once they are more polished! 

 Thank you for reading the log. We hope to update you more soon!

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"...Due to the recent explosion of frozen star Tomo-E, we can expect severe cold chills in the Galan region, with the highest concentration passing through station H1-MA.”

"So get your socks and thermal coats out."

"Excuse me dear viewers, I was made aware that the frost blasts will cause such a low temperature that few organisms may live. Thus evacuation is advised from the station within the next 30 days..."


Hello there, I hope you enjoy the intro snippet written by our writer @captaincamaron

"H1-MA Escape Plan (Placeholder name)" is our project for MFGJ9 about a young engineer named Phi who tries to escape from a killing frost approaching the space colony she lives in. She either can amass credits (money) to buy an escape ticket (whose price has skyrocketed since the news) or craft her own rocket with the help of some friends.

The game mainly focuses on time/resource management. Each day the player chooses what Phi should do: go to work, spend time building the rocket, or befriend NPCs.


[Devlog: Day 1-3]
Our team is a bit late for the party. But for the first few days, we have come up with the game mechanics, story, and how we want it to look.

A small moodboard was made as a visual guide

A concept art for game screen and UI

Character design sketch by our main artist @dotoriii

Hope to tell you more soon!

Thank you for playing the game!

Magnificent magnificent magnificent! I LOVE everything in this game!

The cat quartet is sooo cute <3 I can't help but try to sing along!

Thank you for your kind words. That's a big praise! 
Haha yes, English is not our first language. I'm glad you enjoyed it though!

Hey there! Thank you so much for playing the demo and giving us a great feedback! You've confirmed our guesses about what the game could be improved.

I hope you may come back again once the game receives a proper update!

Finally played this short & cute game! Thank you for making it!
(I think there is a small bug after smelling the soup if you move in a wrong direction)

I TAKE IT BACK. I don't want to know what's on the other side of the rope anymore. AAAH! 

My first run was very oblivious and I turned the light on all the way. LOL. I wish there was a bit of intro, to learn why the player was there. Anyway it is still a spooky experience playing this game at night.

What a cute short game, but people in the woods left me unnerved. BRRR! The story is also pretty rich. I wish to learn more about it! :))

Thank you so much for your kind words! (I’m not sure if you have tried Mala Tang Hot Pot but I heard it’s very popular in China! )

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Hotpot tastes the best when you share it with someone.

What a magnificent work of art! Your game is amazing as always. I love the story and setting so much. Will definitely visit it again when I get hungry at night.

I'm really glad you enjoyed this hotpot experience. And thank you for your kind words!