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wow this game is so cute,, i have always loved soft childhood sweethearts but this gave me another soft spot for cute rivals now~~ for anyone thinking of playing it, DO IT ITS SO GOOD 

pls such an adoring game!! makes me feel motivated to go to classes tbh XD

hint hint 

maybe what you choose isn't the right choice ;)

super recommend this game,, it's a game that gives off soft vibes but actually has a deeper meaning that left me stunned and slightly overwhelmed in a good way,,

right me too!! that scared for the future thing resonated so much that i was brought to tears,, planning on buying the DLCs in the future 😩

omg omg I have just finished this game and I LOVE IT! It was such a wholesome game with so sweet moments with Cove and I couldn't stop squealing over them (MC and Cove <3). With those sweet memories, the game also has a very realistic view of life that is honestly v bittersweet (I teared up fr). The developers have really done well with the story, illustrations and sounds! All the game's features have truly made the experience. I'm super hyped for the epilogue to come out!! (No rush though!) Highly recommended game! Hope all of you enjoy 💜💜

This is such a cute game uwu. It was very relatable but also had such cute graphics that kept me interested, to anyone who is thinking of playing, please do and good luck and hope you enjoy playing! :D