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Merci pour ce super moment passé !

Simple, efficace, direction artistique cohérente.

Un petit tuto en plus ! Vraiment du bon boulot.

( Je n'ai pas compris l'intérêt du "flocon" par contre )

The art... Oh fuck. This ART !! Amazing. I'm jealous, sorry I had to tell.

I fuckin loved this intro !!

I'm not a fan of pixel art. But the game mecanic is simple but terribly efficient. And well realized of course. The "rewind" system is a very good idea (I want to know how you proceed for that. I have some ideas but, that interesting me) and make the level go down... Very smart. I love this game. Well done mate.

First thing I read this morning... Thank you so much mate !! 

Thanks mate ! :]

Ahah I can understand this , of course !

Oh good to know :] Send me a message at this moment 

Oh you love tiles too ! Nice job guys ^^ Love th  e concept and the art is cool.
The music changing is a good idea, not enough smooth, but love it though :D

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Oh you again... I see you in every jam I'm joining ahahah 

Nice game, nice art, basic gameplay but efficient as hell ^^

Thanks !!!

I fuckin' love this !!

Ahahahah really good !!! Love the idea

AMAZING !! I love this minimalist style. Really good entry mate.

Oh, Il like your Artistic choice ! And the concept is really nice. Good job

Great job. I'm impressed !

Great job ! This game's really nice !

Really nice ! Waiting for the 2 player mode :)

Thank you mate ! I add a text to help to understand the game and why you can't win... ^^"

Nevertheless, thanks a lot for the feedback.

Very cool game !! I'll play this stuff even after the jam ahah !

Thanks  :D

Thanks !!!!! And bravo :P

Glad you loved it !! I wil ladd some infos ^^ its my first solo jam so I really appreciate your comments !

I'll check your game, of course !

Ahahah thanks ! That's true, I'll add some infos.

Thanks a lot !

Yep, he will ! I'm working right now for an Android version

Sorry for the bug ^^"
I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game nevertheless.

Thanks a lot !

Yeah, sorry, there is a bug... You have to to go on the headlight tile (on the right in the light world) when the tower 's filled, but in this version, I forgot to link the Win scene... So you won, but you don't know xD i'm really sorry... I've fixed that, but I can't update.

Thanks for your comments guys !! My first 2D art so i was afraid 'bout that. I'm really glad you liked that !

Thanks a lot ! I hope you enjoy toi play toi pixer ☺️

I made a first update few days ago and I will make a New version during this month. I was alone for this jam so I didnt had enough Time to really finish the prototype.

(The game is nicer to play on smartphone 👍)

Wild Woods community · Created a new topic Perfect :]
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Very nice game ! I love it. Simple but efficient. Beautiful. Intuitive. Smooth. Well done !!

Video game is art ;)

Video game is art ;)

I'm going to check it out. Thanks !! 

I'm participating to your current jam and I would know if you have a reference, kind of array, listing diseases and there symptoms... ?

Je crois avoir répondu sur le discord ;)
Merci de ta critique et d'y avoir joué surtout !!!