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AMAZING !! I love this minimalist style. Really good entry mate.

Oh, Il like your Artistic choice ! And the concept is really nice. Good job

Great job. I'm impressed !

Great job ! This game's really nice !

Really nice ! Waiting for the 2 player mode :)

Thank you mate ! I add a text to help to understand the game and why you can't win... ^^"

Nevertheless, thanks a lot for the feedback.

Very cool game !! I'll play this stuff even after the jam ahah !

Thanks  :D

Thanks !!!!! And bravo :P

Glad you loved it !! I wil ladd some infos ^^ its my first solo jam so I really appreciate your comments !

I'll check your game, of course !

Ahahah thanks ! That's true, I'll add some infos.

Thanks a lot !

Yep, he will ! I'm working right now for an Android version

Sorry for the bug ^^"
I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game nevertheless.

Thanks a lot !

Yeah, sorry, there is a bug... You have to to go on the headlight tile (on the right in the light world) when the tower 's filled, but in this version, I forgot to link the Win scene... So you won, but you don't know xD i'm really sorry... I've fixed that, but I can't update.

Thanks for your comments guys !! My first 2D art so i was afraid 'bout that. I'm really glad you liked that !

Thanks a lot ! I hope you enjoy toi play toi pixer ☺️

I made a first update few days ago and I will make a New version during this month. I was alone for this jam so I didnt had enough Time to really finish the prototype.

(The game is nicer to play on smartphone 👍)

Wild Woods community · Created a new topic Perfect :]
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Very nice game ! I love it. Simple but efficient. Beautiful. Intuitive. Smooth. Well done !!

Ok, so, we'll working on a local multiplayer and solo mode 😉 thanks for all your comments ! 

Thanks for the comment !!! 

This is à 2 players game, you cant play alone 😊 see the description for more info

Video game is art ;)

Video game is art ;)

I'm going to check it out. Thanks !! 

I'm participating to your current jam and I would know if you have a reference, kind of array, listing diseases and there symptoms... ?

Je crois avoir répondu sur le discord ;)
Merci de ta critique et d'y avoir joué surtout !!!

Merci !!

Oui on a quelques passages ou l'ombre masque les contours et on perd en lisibilité. Cela va être corrigé mais nous n'avons pas eu le temps de le faire durant la jam. Pour la vitesse de marche, c'est parce que certains passages peuvent ou pourront exiger un peu de précision quant au placement du personnage et en augmentant la vitesse on perd en précision. Il est cependant possible de courir en maintenant Shift ou RT sur la manette xbox.

Pour l'éloignement du thème... Je comprends la critique et c'est assez vrai et en même temps... Nous sommes dans une usine de confettis, le but est de ne pas finir en confettis justement et de s'en échapper ''entier''. Le jeu va être étoffer, (en dehors de la jam du coup) et le thème devrait ressortir encore mieux. Nous n'avons rejoins la jam que samedi et c'était notre première à tous les deux, donc merci beaucoup pour ta critique ça nous aidera pour les prochaines !!! :)

You are papermade. This is a confetti's factory. You need to get out...Right now !