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Well said, thanks. Picked this up a few days ago, discovered World of Dungeons through it. Looking forward to playing soon!

I love this! There's one thing I'm left unclear on after reading it, though: at what stage are the clues invented, and who does that? A few examples would help clarify a lot.

Is it like, treasure hunter asks question, EM secretly answers yes or no, treasure hunter invents clue that explains in-game how they learned that fact?

I'm in awe of this. Very beautiful, can't wait to play it.

That's awesome, I love it! Thanks so much for sharing it with me. It's very encouraging to know it worked and you had fun.

Great stuff--love the visible, interactive representation of the dialectic

I just finished my first session, and really felt that the level of detail was perfect. Just enough to really allow me to see what was going on in the city without too much effort, but nothing that forced the city to look or feel any particular way. I didn't find it lonely, but kind of peaceful to alone among the crowds.