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Thanks for the update! I can confirm the Masked Figure no longer respawns, and the chicken roof works. I have a bunch of new bugs/stuff that I'm stuck on.

  1. Keycard B seems impossible to find.
  2. Two of the facial hair of power are broken. Specifically, the one in the bathroom and the one where you have to kill all the skeletons and then get ambushed by those red guys. If you collect these, they will automatically place themselves in the calendar and desk notches which means you can't place them yourself.
  3. I still have no idea where the Masked Figure's hideout is. The diagram doesn't really look like any of the areas I know of.
  4. I can't make any more progress with the Meta Zita quest. I have completed the alien quest, but I can't get anywhere on the strange ritual quest. I talked to the girl in the field, but none of the options go anywhere. The alien one seems important but she just asks "What am I?"
  5. Meta Zita still respawns in the bathroom even when you help him reach the secret base. If you talk to him it just resets the whole quest line.
  6. When you exit the secret area after collecting the colored arrows on day 32, you spawn on top of the chicken which gets you stuck. (Not that big of a deal)
  7. If you go in the girls ear in the contemporary wing and have the piano guy play the song, and then immediately leave and reenter the cafe, the room will all be dancing even though you never used the colored arrows. This is how I originally solved this puzzle, I didn't even know about the secret door in day 32 lol. Also I don't know what the purpose of the girl's ear door is.

I have tried everything I can think of, and explored every area I know. I can't seem to make any more progress. I did find out that using the Strange Teleporter during a mini-game will allow you to leave the mini-game while being a different character and keep all of the items from the mini-game. Is this an intended mechanic or a bug? It would be really cool if there where puzzles involving this mechanic. I have also had a lot of bugs where things reset, like the Masked Man has re-appeared in all of the calendar rooms even though I have already collected all the objects. And the guy in the bathroom keeps resetting (I forgot his name), where you have to distract the guard for him to sneak past.

For that one you can only move when the clock hits 12, so basically just hold up and spam Z or Space. That's one of the more confusing games.

First of all, I just want to say this game is awesome! I played for a few hours yesterday, but I deleted the game because some of the mini-games were really annoying to beat. Then the next day I was like "man, I really want to know what happens when you collect all the masked man objects", so I re-downloaded the game and had to start over because I deleted my save lol. Anyways, I've been playing this all day and I've kind of hit a dead end. I collected all the masked man objects and he told me to find his hideout, but I have no idea where it is. I also got all the facial hairs, but there's some kind of bug that prevents me from placing them all. Some of the facial hair slots automatically fill themselves which prevents me from interacting with them. Also I can't complete some of the side quests like the pig and dog quests because the NPCs disappear after I collect the animals. I've also found a lot of placeholder stuff, so I wonder if this game is still in development? I really want to complete this game, but I'm at a dead end!

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Version 1.1 Changelog:

MAJOR CHANGE: Player pieces now do not collide or block each other from digging. This is primarily to prevent players from blocking the opponent from reaching their graves, forcing a forfeit. The ONLY interaction player pieces have now is the Record screen will show you when you dig underneath your opponent's piece on the opponent's board. You can move through the other player's piece, and occupy the same square as them. You can dig underneath the other player's piece as well. This is a big change, so there are potentially bugs and problems that I haven't found.

Added ambient metal sounds from Petscop 22. (Thanks to @fermion for making it!)

Added MATADOR emote (Thanks @aaaaAAAAAA for the sprite!)

Fixed Record tile showing wrong player color when digging on your opponent's piece.

Fixed "Connected" text on main menu wrapping incorrectly.

You can now press the cancel button (default X) to go back from the MOVE, DIG, SKIP menu.

Main menu music is now louder and fades in/out.

Reduced chat character limit to reduce spam potential.