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It is a masterpiece

It would be great. Thanks for the answer.

Thanks for a very nice set of rare icons. I bought and will use it. If you ever do an upgrade, could you add a hand grenade launcher (like M72 LAW), police handcuffs, and a SWAT ballistic shield? I am sure that such icons will be a good addition to weapons and police sets. This is often needed.

In my test project this plugin works perfectly with tons of other plugins without any conflicts! Fully corresponds to what is written in the description - autosave. Works without errors, like a good machine. Wonderful job.

BossFight prog & Sand Wiggle folk really really awesome!!

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I tested the script on Debian. The most common and popular Linux distributive is Ubuntu. Ubuntu is based on Debian. So in most cases this should work without problems. Some distributives may have some specific dependencies but this is a rare case. Thanks again for the script. Parallax animations created by your script look amazing and fantastically easy to make. It can save hundreds of hours.

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One more great script from you. Thank you very much. I tried this script in Asperite for Linux (on Debian GNU/Linux) and everything works fine. Links in the "Thank You" section are working too. They correctly open in the default browser after clicking a button "Allow Execute Access".

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Aseprite, GIMP

Thanks for the bomb :) Very good package! And it’s especially good that the source files are in Aseprite format.

Incredible effect. The 4 second track in the loop plays like a full melody! Respect.

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Great game with Linux support!

really great evil bat!

awesome houses, real art

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Looks great! I actually see a real staircase :) I also saw a similar work - when a character crawls on a rope inside a large vertical pipe (curved wall) - here IGMC MANSION TILES. This is a really great idea with lots of options for quality mapping. Thank you.

Stylish, wonderful, incredible, comprehensive !!! True aesthetic pleasure.

I listened to examples ... Wow! This is a huge great collection of diverse sounds. This is even better than the default sounds in RPG Maker MV.

Really fine icon pack!!

thx for the lesson

Very diverse and random. Great job.