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Sorry to hear that you are facing a bug.  

Unfortunately, the project has been doing very poorly lately, it is deeply unprofitable, and it’s difficult for us to cover even infrastructure costs, not to mention development and support.  We love this game and would not like to upset our players, but the state of affairs is such that the game will probably close one day.

Alexey Pazhitnov owns 50% of the Tetris holding, so he is a business and will act in the interests of the business.  Even if he wanted to, he would not be able to violate the arrangements secured by big money, this would mean big losses for him.

In fact, other such games are also removed from Google Play, some of them solve the problem by reloading, but this is an endless process.  We achieved pretty good positions in search results and this coincided with the moment the publisher changed from Electronic Arts to NT3work.  This gave us a lot of traffic and the opportunity to significantly compete with the official game, which apparently they did not like much.  

To save the game in such conditions, we need to create a distribution model independent of the stores and solve a number of problems.  Also now a lot depends on the players themselves, who can invite friends.  After all, the more players, the greater the chance of the game surviving.

  Anyway, thanks for your support and have a good game!  =)

We have already tried to contact them, but unfortunately they ignore us.  It is a pity, but Tetris is just a business based on the sale of rights, so it is extremely unlikely that anyone will meet us.  As we understand it, they sell the exclusive right to publish Tetris on specific platforms, so there can not be several publishers at one time.  

The fact is that we are far from the first to encounter oppression by the holding, if you are interested, look at the story of the Xio Mino game.  The monopoly on gameplay, coupled with the enormous cost of official licensing, leads to the fact that we will probably never see a decent and affordable multiplayer for such a simple game.

At the request of copyright holders.  At the moment, the development of the game is frozen, the future is unclear.  Because of this, there may be some accessibility problems, your calls will help to fix them faster.  Thanks.

This is strange, this does not happen on our devices.  To install the game, you can temporarily turn off Google Play protection, but be careful with this and do not forget to turn it back on after installation.

You must be allowed to install applications from unknown sources, as You install apk directly. If your built-in antivirus recognizes this package as suspicious - we need at least information about what kind of antivirus it is and what specific danger it detects.

Вчера были временные проблемы, уже исправлено. Падение на iPhone X до сих пор актуально?

What is your device / operating system version?  This is definitely a false warning, but if in doubt, you can try the web version without installation.