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I made this nice girl! The game was really cute and fun even if there was not a lot of choice

At 2nd room. I already solved the puzzle that is at the front of the 1st room door and pressed the button but when i got back to the silver box with a red button and pressed it why is it not opening just like the playthroughs?

Okay....ending 1 is our villain arc then

Why does the Jester sound like Kokichi XDD? Makes the experience more fun and enjoyable

I think I saw a game like this in roblox.. The roblox creator must've been inspired

I miss Reo... He was a nice companion and plus I would consider him if Cethin didnt arrive

Ghost boi only gave me 9/10 TvT

Looks like Xzagorath likes balance...

Hello! Please ignore why I don't have a pfp anyways I really liked the game I was a little shocked that I would have to fight like that and was more shocked when the shadow man took a bunch of hits but did not really die it frustrated me a little but hey all is well when it ends well

I was shocked I saw the ending like that was faster than I thought