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I had a good little time with this one,

Thanks for the fun even if the frame rates were a bit.. off :P

Thanks again for the game :D

Thanks for the short but fun little game!

Such fun again, thanks for the nostalgia hit!

Thanks for the super cute game,

A little frustrating until we figured out the mechanics (being all visual nods on how to work everything) but it was silly :D

Thank you so much for this.

As a child (now 34) I NEVER got this far in the original game as it scared he CRAP out of me.

This was superb. :D

For how short and unfinished it was we loved the atmosphere!.

Thanks :D

It works shockingly well if your connection is good,  I have used it with a few friends now and other than one odd issue where if they hosted I got lag but the other way round we were fine, I have used it for coop games and to stream gameplay for Amy to watch/react to as if we were in the same room :)

Also works around the house as an alternative to a Steam link/in home streaming etc.

We had a great time with this (and some stress XD ).



Such a fun throw back game.

Thanks :)

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We had so much fun with this one.

Thanks :D

Thanks for letting me know :)

Either way it was fun, just a tad confusing :P

It made me want to rage quick but I DID IT!! :D,

Thanks for the pain :P

Was a lot of fun if a little buggy, sadly I don't know if I finished it or hit a game breaking bug :(

Thanks Guys the Demo was great.

Cannot wait for the full release!!

Can't say I understood it but it was one HELL of a ride!

Oh Dude you know Amy and I now have to play this :D

It was superb fun, Thank you :D

Thank you for both the laughs and scares :D

Hehe we played it for Xmas and it was very fun Thanks !

WOW this takes me back :D

Sooo SOooo much fun, Thanks for the game :D

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So Sooooo cute :)

Just wish I had managed to find the ducklings :(

Such a great concept, thanks for the fun :D

This was lots of fun, Thank you :)

Thanks for the game :D

This was simultaneously so cute and sad!

I had so much fun with this game, 

Thanks :D

Thanks for the awesome game, this really threw us a curve ball!

This game Sir.. was awesome :D

Thankyou for the surreal journey!

This was so gut wrenching.. but thank you for the journey!

Indeed it was great, I have to ask though.. what was the music track used :D I love it!

Thank you for the surreal journey, other than the ticking health being perhaps a little unforgiving we had a great time!

We had a lot of fun playing the game, not sure we laughed in the right places but we enjoyed it none the less :D

Thank you.

Was short but still kind cute.

Thanks for the fun :)

The Demo gave me the chills, we were so tense. well done :D