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Thanks for the fun/crazy time with this one! :D

First Creature/Boss and this was fantastic.
So looking forward to the rest of this :D

Thank you so much for the very unique lore experience :D

This looks awesome!.. Any chance of VR support (Happy to test for you ) :D

We had great fun with this :D

Thanks for the short but sweet Cosmic Horror Blast!

Thanks for the romp through the dark XD

Thanks for the fun/horror :P

We had a lot of fun with this one , Thanks :D

Also, screw that lift it was the hardest part of the game XD

Made us jump :P

What an experience XD

We had so much fun, the Atmosphere was great :D

This was sooo much fun, Thank you :D

NP and I love me some Tron so :D |

This was ONE CRAZY game :D

Short and sweet, made me thing of Jurassic park for no reason at all :P

Like the idea, could perhaps use some more work.

Thanks for the scares, and confusion :P

Only thing we didn't like was our torch turning off the moon.

Thanks for the experience!!

Thanks for the scares :P

Well we both do like that move :D, and just checked out Beksinski.. that is some cool stuff!
Nothing beats Giger though, he is my all time love.

Thanks again :)

Sooo damned surreal, Thank you for the creepy Giger fun!

We had fun even if it was very glitchy!

Damn we had fun with this one, :D

Such a great surreal story, thank you for the interesting experience :)

We had some fun with this one and maybbbeeee for all the endings :P

Thanks for the panic :P

Cute game :)

Thanks for the crazy flying fun!

We had fun with the demo :D

However perhaps she should not comment on EVERY little detail and point" but that might be because it's a condensed demo, just hope that's not the same for the full game.

We had fun with this one :P Even if it was a little unclear what to do at first!


This as so much fun :D Thanks for the laughs!

Such a freaking cute game,
Thank you for the fun time :)

And part 2 because the game was to damned hard to complete in one sitting :P

I had great fun/raged in equal parts with the game, Thanks for it :P

Scared the CRAP out of us!. Well done :P

We finally got round ti playing it, and thanks again Octavi it was superb fun!

I even guessed some of the puzzles so.. it was right in line with my twisted train of thought XD

I had a good little time with this one,

Thanks for the fun even if the frame rates were a bit.. off :P

Thanks again for the game :D

Thanks for the short but fun little game!

Such fun again, thanks for the nostalgia hit!