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So Soooo much fun. Thank you :D

I utterly loved the feel and setting of this (Amy not so much her cup of Tea :P,

Wish you guys had been able to continue it!.

This game confused and entertained us in equal parts :P

Played it/completed it/loved it :D Thanks for the experience!

We had a few bugs but it was still great :D


We had such fun with this game :D

Thank you.

Great atmosphere and bar a few odd points very good :D

Thanks for the game!

This game was wonderful and trippy as all BALLS  :D

Thanks for the mind F*UK :)

Frustrating as all hell but :P Thanks.

We had great fun with this game :D

Thank you so much!

It was an interesting game but I think it/we broke it :(    Can it be completed?

You did a great job with this and we had fun :D

Thanks so much.

This game left us hurting.. such a good piece.

Well we said we would do it, and we did.

Thanks again we played Part 2 and loved it!

Can't wait for part 3!!

Superb game, :D

Thanks for the fun!

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We gave the demo our full rage and anger :D

Loved it.

We had so much fun even if it was driving us nuts at the same time :D

We played your awesome game here, :D Thanks for such a fun puzzle experience!

Awesome!! We will be sure to play it :D

We also played Episode two and had just as much fun there :), (video not up yet) do you have plans for an Episode 3?

Thank you for the awesome and atmospheric game!

We both had "fun" playing it :)

Thank you for the superb game... yes we killed them over and over :D

We gave this funny game a play for Christmas :)

Thank you for the laughs!

Thanks for the entertaining game :D

We played it here.

The demo was great (all be it one area we found harder than perhaps it should have been) :)

Played the game and we loved it! So funny :D

Do please keep working on it.

It freaked the SHIT out of us.. so Thanks :D

Good Luck with your future projects!

We Loved it.

Thank you so much for making this :D

We played it as the first game in this video, Really liked the concept but the torch mechanic made NO sense at all, all the best if you ever continue this project.

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(Second Half Of This Video)We played it without knowing.. Love the twist, well done to you sir!

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We both loved your little game... Still think the main character looks like a piece of beef :D 

Thank you so much for the superb and shockingly emotional game!

We both loved it :D

This was superb and so SO Tense!

Thanks for making us jump.

Thank you so much for this and the Raptor (Kitchen) we had so much fun/it scared the CRAP out of us! :D

Thanks for such an awesome game, 

We even have our own Plush Rocky!!