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I really enjoyed this! I like how i could make a forehand or backhand curve the directions I expected. I was able to ace a few of the holes. I can't wait to play a bunch more holes, and playing this multiplayer would be great.

I would love it if there are different TYPES of disks - drivers, mid range, putters that have different flight characteristics. Would like for instance a power forehand shot to do an S curve. Right now it seems pretty darn easy to throw REALLY hard - maybe tone it down so that people have to throw harder to throw further?

I know I don't have room in my play space to do an x step but it would be fun to need a little more whip to have the velocity.

Really great, i will buy this day one.

edit - additionally there are a couple situations where you can get stuck in bizarre locations. There should be OOB zones that either have a drop or require a rethrow like you do for water - or I can get stuck on top of a stone archway and any movement i do makes the disk fall out of my hand. A couple times just had to lob it underhand backwards from on top of a mountain which felt odd.