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Ooh second this comment

Image on this page is it. I guess.

Thanks for the update! And whatever happens put your welbeing on the top priority. Cheers.

ooh I'd like to second this because I read everything on tablet and it's quite a hassle when you have 13000 books lying around.

Ooh nice, just got the pdf. Didn't expect 5e content from your shop. What a pleasant surprise.

Entitled much? Lol

Excitement intensifies!

Unfortunately, community copy discount doesn't work like you intended. I think itch doesn't support such options at the moment.


Really hoped itch funding would do well. Regardless, sheet looks amazing!!

Hi, I just purchased copy of this game on drivethrurpg, and wondering if you can add pdf copy there too. There's only epub version available. (I have copy here and there for safe measure :))

This made my day. Lol

Chronicles and now Demonic! this is getting better and better!!

 Concept is very enticing but I hope there's decent preview of this game.

I am reading this on my tablet. Can you compress the file for us?

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Ah ha! bought it two years ago!

Hi, I see that Nuclear Knight has been removed from dtrpg. So, are the previous owners of the game not getting 1.2 updates?

280 mb is way too big a file

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Stripe's is good. They don't charge you extra fees for currency exchange.

Can we have payment option other than paypal? Paypal 's dynamic currency conversion makes you pay extra for every penny spent

Are there options other than paypal to pay?

Awwww. I love the little mouse!

Snow Hack community · Created a new topic Wow3

just wanted to add on to the wow hype! But I am really excited for your new work!

조별 과제인거 같은데, 상세한게 설명해주신거 고마워요.



3조 처럼 내용 요약이 되어 있는 사진 한장이라도 올려주면 좋을것 같네요.

대학 교양 과제인거 같은데 정말 수고 많아요~~!!

그래도, 요약 설명문이 있었으면 좋았을 텐데요...

대학과제인거 같은데 수고가 많아요...!

yeah, found out that they are under different publisher now. So this page is abandoned, I think.

Hi, I backed orbital blues and I am asking to see if I can get this module on my itch io library as well. Thank you.

Uhm... so my download is... gone... not happy...

Got it! Thanks!

This is a game transcended into an art.

Wait, this was real? Lol

Thanks for the update!

I hope you are alright amidst all this OGL  1.1 madness.

Hi, I still haven't received codes. Can you send it one more time please?

Will there be any comp copies for previous collectors?

Ah thanks. Now I just have to wait. Itch takes some time to push the codes out.

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Hi, are there any news on itch io code for ks backers?

Okay, I will try and get back to you.

The tier applies to only new buyers, I guess?