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I love this game! It's great, cute, well made, has cute graphics and is overall amazing!! I could build a big city for hours, it's just so fun. Thank you for making this game and I hope it becomes popular!

i shard my pants playing this

what da dog doin

stop making sussy games 😳11!!1!1!!



I really enjoy this i think it's really cozy im not that into the mini game but thats fine :]

Thank you but it's fixed

this is adorable it does need bug fixes tho

ah okay thanks

how do i download this it tells me to download a c+++ thingy but i clciked install and it just keeps asking the same question

my antivirus keeps saying this is a threat but is it really?

yeah and i dont know how to fix it

i was looking for this game it's so funny


wow..i haven't tried this yet but this looks great!

this is just..amazing!All your games ahve a dark side to it and i love the storyline.

it's dark and here i am with all my light off.You know it's a good game when your eyes are burning.

this is just one of the best jojo games ever it has potencial.

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i got the bad ending its kinda easy to get you have to get out the room and just stay still even tho she has red eyes they will turn pinkish before she kills you fully she will give you medicine to make you feel dizzy she will also play just keep repeating and getting out the office

Who wouldn't love saiko no sutoka it's an amazing game.

my game does not want to launch how do i fix this?

i'm not trying to hate but is this a virus or a malware because my windows said that the game is trying to bypass the firewall

this is filled with lore and the true ending is kinda hard to get but this game is fun.

this is just epic

KARLSON community · Created a new topic E P IC GAME

is it just me or is this game looking kinda  T H I C C

i know right at it would be amazing if there would be more characters and tanjiro only has one of his special moves,code can be bad if you don't understand the basics but if you do watch some tutorials maybe the tutorials will help the creator.

im gonna try this game out it seems to be amazing!

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imma try this out it looks awsome!

just click download and launch then just do the survey

the ending made me cry it was so happy it wanted to set me free : " )

i did both endings and i loved it even more!

im kinda new here on,im already on a game spree! Your game was an amazing jam horror game and i love the cute artstyle!

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I love this game it would be awsome if you added more characters and more breathing forms to tanjiro!