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Hi guys! Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, it really helps the project to get better!

This is a beautiful and intriguing project, I wonder what the end result will be!

Nice pixel art and atmosphere, something interesting can come out of this. Good luck!

I really like the idea and the beginning of the story! Martin is a bright and memorable character. With the style a little more to decide and it will turn out very well! Keep up the good work and I wonder what will happen next)

Cool idea, wonderful art! I wonder what will happen next) Good luck!

The demo has been updated and you can rate it =)

Okay. Have a nice day!

Fixed a bug with a mini-game and updated the build! Thank you :)

Thank you for your feedback! This puzzle has a solution =)

Thanks! We are glad that you like our project :) We also really like Primordia!

Cool! Thanks! You passed the end of level 2. The hatch is a passage in third level. This level will not be in demo. In the next time we'll do the passing to the next level more clear. By the way, with Esc key you can open the top menu but it doesn't obvious because we didn't do a hint. We will fix this in the next update. Good luck! ;)

Thank you for the excellent let's play, advice and kind words!! It was very interesting to watch :)

With a stick unfortunately this is a bug!(door without a stick can't go in) We noticed it only when it has released an update demo.

Good luck ;)

Thank you! We are glad that you like our game)! It's strange bug.We will remove this bug in the next update!

Cool style!