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Keep up the great work!


This is great! I would love to use my old SNES style controller :D

Very excited about the 2nd chapter :)

Mod tools would be great, I would love to play with them, have so many ideas.

Pledged and super excited Adam, keep it going! This has been my favorite game for years now. :D :D :D

Exciting!!! :D

Thats fantastic, I can't wait to see it up on there! :D 

Cool, I'll give it a spin. How are you doing? Are you feeling the grind of game dev? Haha. Just want to share some encouragement from one of your biggest fans: this game was, is, and continues to be one of my absolute favorites to play, and I feel so lucky to have stumbled across it. Keep up the great work, sir!

Hi there! Sorry I've been away for a long time, but I'm back to playtesting and enjoying this awesome game. I have  question, right now I'm trying to get better weapons (I can only make a bat), and when I go to unlock the Pipe, it says that it has a pre-req of "Torch". Now, I can't see where to get this Torch upgrade. I did get the "Wall Torch" upgrade, but that didn't help (and I don't think it's actually related). Thanks! Keep up the great work, I love the new build menus!

Ah ok, I now see that the tutorial does have EDIE ask you to dust him off and use the upgrades menu, so that's probably fine. I guess there's just the bug of the weapons workbench not being actually buildable at first, which makes the tutorial get stuck.

Ok I was able to resolve, but I think it's a bug:

I swept the sand away from EDIE and then I was able to access the upgrades menu. Tutorial should probably have a step that makes the user do this, so it's discoverable.

In the upgrades menu, I went Mechanical -> Workbenches and saw that  Weapon Workbench was already unlocked. Odd...

Exiting the menu, I tried to build the weapons workbench and yes, now it's unlocked.

So looks like a bit needs to be flipped somewhere so that bench is available without having to go to upgrades menu... I'm guessing you wanted to save that for later in the tutorial?

BTW, upgrades menu is AWESOME, love the design of it, sounds, etc! Great job!

Heyo! I've been away for awhile, but I'm back to playing. The tutorial now wants me to build a Weapon Workbench, but I see it is locked in the build menu. How do I unlock it? Thx!

O.O Looks fantastic! Excited!

Editable keybindings, yes! Thank you! Also, prefabs look fun I'll try and come up with a few.

Dude! Yessss!! Thank you so much, this makes my day. You should find a big coffee in your inbox. ;)

Yes please, good sir :D

Man, I'll buy you a coffee (or 2, or 3) when you get that in there, haha

This is hilarious! :D  Made my day to read this. It's very... oddball but I'd love to try it out! 

Is there a PAUSE button in the game? I find I need it a lot... :)

Cool I'll try it out. BTW, you forgot to increment the version ;)

Looks great! TBH, I had no idea there was even a car in the game :P  Can't wait to try it out now!

Yes!! And maybe... sandworm ranching? Lol ;D

Found a typo in EDIE's dialogue: "It's true I am not at full fuctional capacity", should be "functional", missing the 'n'. :)

I like the dust storm obscuring the view, makes it more immersive! :D

Idea: When I'm out exploring an area, it would be super handy to have at least a simple mini-map, so I can see the areas I've already been, to help me ensure I'm scavenging every part of the area. Maybe have to craft a map/compass or something?

Oh also: A "pause" button would be super handy, for when my girlfriend comes in the room, haha. If it exists already I haven't been able to find it...

I love the blocking idea, will give it a spin!

One thing I've noticed is that enemies attack you along a vector that doesn't point straight at your character, it's more pointing at the top of the character sprite, so it makes melee combat a bit hard, disjoint. Have you noticed that at all?

Keep up the great work! I'm going try and get more involved testing and reporting bugs. I'm also a very experienced programmer (not with GameMaker per se, but with C/C++, JS/TS, etc), so if I can help with anything I'd be glad to. :)

OMG this is awesome!!!

Modulus on integer types should be pretty fast on modern CPUs, but not sure, does GameMaker use "double" or "float" for all numbers?

Oh man, I know how annoying bugs like this are. It can be so frustrating! Have you considered using version control like Git? It would really help your peace of mind if you know you can "go back in time" and see all the previous versions, and what you changed. I'm not sure if GameMaker's file formats make this hard or not. GitHub has free private repos now, so you can get your code up in the cloud for backup, without letting it out of the bag.

Sometimes the only way I've fixed a bug is to see the diffs of what I recently changed...

Hi! I love this game, keep up the great work!

Every time I launch Sand_Alpha.exe, it opens up minimized to the taskbar. Maybe this is intentional for some reason? But it seems like it should come up in a normal window by default?

Awesome, excited to try it out! 👍

This game is already really fun, keep up the good work!