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Nevermind, it was an error on my part. The game is so cool! I played until level 12 and then gave up because it's really challenging. That isn't bad tho. Some suggestions: make a death animation or something that indicates you died, there were several times where I was confused as to what killed me. A few sound effects wouldn't hurt either. Good job!

Hey, I was trying to download your game since the picture looked cute but it says there is nothing to download even though there's an exe file.

There will be results, but because of the host's situation, it was postponed to around new years. Now we're just waiting

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that we fixed the issue and added a lot more to the game! Thank you so much for pointing out the bug because without you, we wouldn't even notice! :)

Hopefully we'll get the results

Woah, that is so weird... I'm not sure why that's happening... On some of my friends' computers the game only runs slower which is also bad but not as bad as that. I'm sorry for the bad experience with the game. We'll try to see what we can do about it. :/

Could you explain a bit more? The turret looks left or right which is when you can avoid it or disable it.

Hello! I've always struggled to get my team's game out there, so my question is: what are some good ways to "promote" your game so more people get a chance to play it? 

What a cool concept! Killing the enemies in such a unique way made it really fun to do 360noscopes lol. I don't know why but in the level after the introduction of red enemies, it would randomly teleport me to one corner of the map when I hit the wal. It didn't bother me too much tho but keep an eye on that. Good work!

Sometimes when I pointed the laser to destroy the rocks, it seems like it detects collision or however it works before the rock. I couldn't really figure out if it was a specific action I did, it would just happen at random but all I needed was turn it off and then on again. It happened at one of the first rocks closest to the space shuttle thingy.

Freaking amazing! I only wish that the enemies had an outline because after all the blood is splattered, they are kind of hard to see. I will keep on trying to beat it though, it's such a fun game! Good work! 

Really cute! I love the aesthetic. I only wish that the player automatically snaps to the ladder and the wires because it's a bit tedious needing to push the up arrow, it doesn't feel as natural. I love the game though! Incredible job! 

The game could really use some sound effects, but good work!

Very nice!

Very sweet! I like the artstyle. It's chill and relaxing. Good work!

Very short and not really challenging. I wish there were sounds and maybe a song in the future? Other than that, it's cute. Good work!

This game is AWESOME! Everything about it is great. It reminds me of Starfox it if was on PS1. I would only suggest that you add a crosshair because sometimes it's hard to determine where your bullets are going. Good work!

Quite cool! If you can add a space background, you're golden! Also the charging sound of the planet destroyer is so cool.

The game could really use some music. Why is the play button on the far left? Other than that, it reminds me of some older nostalgic games. Good game!

Really cute! I got stuck between an invisible wall and the shuttle at the first level and the laser sometimes glitches out but I liked it. I hope you make more levels!

Quite simple, nice music!

I'm not sure how this fits the theme but it's really interesting. Fix some typos though :)

I'm not sure what's the problem, but I can't get the character to move except jump and the music doubles after some time. You should check it out.

I'm not really sure what I am supposed to do even after following the tutorial but the song is cool and the simple 3d is cute in its own way :)

This is so cute! I love it and the song is a bop :)

Our first game jam! Very happy with the results. Feedback is appreciated!

This must be the cutest game I've ever seen! Love it!

Short and cute, I like it! I found the controls to be a bit sluggish and I easily avoided every asteroid on my way to the planets but otherwise really good!

Really neat!

Really cute! I think the jumping should be a tad less floaty but other than that it's nice. I hope you make more levels! :)