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To be honest there is barely any actual content to support Player vs Player. No real reason for crews to fight. No real Marines vs Pirates other than the lackluster event, theres nothing really extravagant about the islands most are pretty bare. I'll give it to the black seas content that was pretty good and a pretty good direction for the game to take r.e Fighting in a party. The events are really lacking tho needs a bit more variety, Kraken required certain classes to beat which wouldn't be bad if other events gave other classes a chance to shine which most don't. 

But to be entirely fair the game is really good looking and is better looking than alot of other pixel art games. Classes are pretty good as well for the most part some balancing issues which could be fixed if the game was actually updated. Which I had hope would happen eventually.

My really gripes are as said with the lack of variety in events, the promising of content which is said to be coming soon, the lack of supporting content for the real pull towards the game which is supposed to be PvP. The story which has not been continued and been the same since launch date, and the crew system which is just a mess.