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A really nice collection of SFX, thanks so much for putting this one out. :D

Not so much jealous as I see these as kind of a scam. You can get art like this elsewhere for free, and more tailored to your needs, but he's charging money for them.

But hey, if you wanna get scammed and insult those trying to warn you. Be my guest. Far be it from me to keep a petulant fool from his overpriced spoils. ;)

He used a GAN, probably XD

Outstanding! Great work! :D

If you'd like you can link here for ease of use. I'm alright with just having my name in the credits if that's inconvenient. Also that sounds really cool! I can't wait to see it. :D

A great sfx pack, has a lot of sounds that would be amazing for sci fi military scenarios.

From one composer to another, great work. I'm very impressed and can't wait to see more from you. :D

I will admit, I'm not a true connoisseur of srpgs, in fact I'm mainly a newcomer to the genre, so I may not be the guy to really be giving comments on this.

With that out of the way, I found the game to be pretty enjoyable. It was refreshing to see one of these titles where a major attempt was made to use custom graphics in a fairly unique style. This is made all the more unique with the juxtaposition of cartoonish characters but with surprising... shall we say, adult themes? For what my opinion is worth, I really enjoyed trying this one out, and it really stands out from other games that I've played. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more. :)

Thanks, I'll pass it on to Rasul. I know he'll appreciate it. :)

No problem!

I'd love to see generators like this one for various fantasy races. Kobolds, orcs, goblins, etc. I could see something like this being very useful for running ttrpg games on roll20. :)

I absolutely love this thing. Some of the random portraits I've rolled up have actually given me a legitimate gut laugh. Here's to hoping you do more of these, cheers! :D

Thanks so much. :)

Thanks so much! You just made my week.

I agree. I love using dark tones with chiptunes and synths. It's a shame that more people don't do it, chiptunes and retro-synth music have a lot of untapped potential.

I absolutely love this program! Well done! I really would like to use this for something, but I'm not sure what yet. Maybe a megagame or something like that?

Update: Found a fix. Apparently you need to update to the most recent version of the maker for them to show up. Though apart from recognizing the new files the new version doesn't seem to have any other updates. That's odd, but at least it works now.

Just tried installing this one. I added the standalone .pack file to the Packs folder per usual, but none of the assets load.

Sure, I'll write you on Facebook.

Thanks for the link, it's so cool to see the game in action. The game turned out great, very awesome! I absolutely love the retro, SNES-era aesthetic.

If we work together in the future, I could compose some custom music for the stages. I can also do quite a bit more than retro game music as well, that's just what I post here for now. Thanks again for using my music, it's always been a dream of mine to be part of a game-development team. You've made my dream come true. :)

Thanks for using my music, please let me know if you'd like to work together on future projects sometime. :)

No problem. Checked them out, gotta commend you on your lineart skills, man. Great stuff.

This is some truly outstanding artwork, and a breathtaking deal for the price. Thank you so much for this. I don't have a use for these (yet) but thought I'd give you a little money anyway to show my support. :)

I like your work, great stuff. I don't have a use for these (yet), but it's clear you've got quite a bit of talent there and I like to support folks on here. Please enjoy the tip. :)

Oh wow, that's awesome. Thanks so much for using my music for your game. That means a lot to me. I just looked up the game and I'm very excited to see the final version. Best of luck. :)

Thanks. :)

It's not a bad tool, I like what I'm seeing so far. I'd love to have the ability to punch in hex codes or be able to manually punch in RGB/CMYK color codes. As fiddling around with the scales can be a bit time-consuming.

Thanks so much! :)

You're very welcome. Can't wait to see more work from you. For all I know you'll be the person to make the next LISA. :)

It's a very cute little game, an impressive amount of polish for an RPG Maker game. Great work. :)

You're very welcome. Thank you for buying them and using them in something. It means a lot to me. Also best of luck on your game, can't wait to see it. :)

Thanks so much! :D

And that's a good idea. I'll do that for you. Sorry, I'm new here. 

Thank so much. I just sent you an email based on the one on your website. :)

Sadly it looks like these don't work for Acid.