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A member registered Nov 05, 2016

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I like computer programming, from 1984.

It is not my main job :-)

The main problem is remove bugs. Got stats from a software is not free from bugs :-)

And not from the bugs of the program 'gladiabots'

How old are you?


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If u use this rules need e tree of AI for single map.

Becouse i can't manage my AI now and use 2 class of bot... in future we can use 3 or 4 AI for single map.

We need (please :-) a class of AI for any map i play on smartphone can't manage now 2 AI groups for single map (develop and match)... with new update it will be heavy...i like the game but i hate the game style of LEAGUE

Skirmish mode need to be implemented. I don't like legue mode: i hate many map, i hate split team, circle of death but must develop AI for it... I asked many time buid Skirmish mode single map with selecable rules (seven word with KILL ALL rules, or RUSH RULES win the player keep the first ball... or any other) and filter on Bot and numbers of any types. Filter on ELO of players can join to the game... and LEAGUE.

And the last without play for ELO points, only for fun.

I think: if u want play for ELO play LEAGUE if u want play for fun. Think on it for grow the game, changing rules is not the way

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My seven wonder and set your priority use two AI, one of 16 node the other of 22, we can said 16 (6 conditions + 10 actions)+22 (8 conditions + 14 actions)= 38 (14 conditions + 24 actions)

This AI , lose very very litle games

the trick... :-)

U need change your strategies fast see your enemy understand what he do good and what you do wrong: in a game a was beat from machine gun & sniper... i study the math... then rewrite ALL my AI with shotgun.

In future with new AI i will do the same

NOW strategies (for me) sniper & (1-2) machine gun (the wall)

Kill snipers first: test the enemy unit...

Find trick for firing on single unit: like use of two simetric AI... Two snipers firing on the same unit is better an have more chances of kill enemy unit.

Your machine gun must stop any rush attac to yours snipers at any price (life...) never got back your snipers.

I don't say all the trick but listen this: u must test your change of your AI vs the original AI. Becouse i see an AI with e simple change of a test (like ANY... I didn't remember well... from CLOSESEST to FURTEST) to lose vs original.AI....

Bug or features i don't know but change the game winner...

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What mean % weakshieldratio and other % ratio?

hdeffo saied right

Use machine gun like a wall and sniper togheter i rewrote my AI on it. I said more use the same AI in 3 games map. Only on specific map: circle, split and mind use specific AI becouse they are not generic map: example in circle no distance from enemy.

In your AI u can test the bot in enemy AI and understand what u must do. If your enemy use only shot gun u can execute your AI tree for this enemy units.... I use on split team u must know what your enemy will do and move before

Do it vs my sniper AI.

I meet this type of AI i defeat easy. Sniper a litle complex AI bet other AI. It work only on easy 1 node AI.

The trick on sniper AI is the use of ACTUAL TARGET, it's unbettable Only 1 node sniper AI can beat for the litle delay in the firing on the actual target.

Many players know it (the litle delay), but never write on forum :-)

I have been after the invasion of sniper AI around the top 60 before know the trick/feature of litle delay on actual target... then i go up again in the top 30.

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there is another bug or 'feature' i found on game sniper vs sniper an AI lose vs an analog AI if test if exist an actual target an then firing on it

I change all my sniper AI removed this feature. I think it reset a litle the firing timer... an lose the game

Whit this fast tiching rate 2x vs other unit they can skip firing of sniper :-)

Like Matrix movie

My shotgun AI for seven wonder never lose vs shotgun, but lose vs AI sniper of 1 node.

I need rebuild it. Today i meet on a game his clone

Today meet less sniper AI. I don't understand what appen

It's no good

With the new rules the sniper is the best unit. I see your sniper AI on seven wonder. How many nodes it use 1, 2 or 5. It's a complex AI? How many hours or minutes or 'second' u spend on develop it. It's the right way?

Less speed to shotguns is a right rules? Or is a rules for got the snipers MORE unbettable?

I rewrote many shotgun AI in snipers AI of 1 nodes, using trick 2 or 3 nodes.

Others unit on some map can't do nothing.

Now Games AI become more less complex.

Now i understand, i lose a game on MEETING POINT, i play with white, on this map white win easy. Red keep 5 balls he was fast more fast... i thought he crack the game :-)

Play vs me on seven wonder i never never an again never lose :-)

I miss can't create game, whitout points :-)

I didn't change an AI if don't lose :-)

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Why remove ambidextrous i didn't remember lose on this map (i forgot easy)

On some map need complex AI for win. If u (player) can't develop it..... not mean it's not playable game.

I liked starwing, lose many times But like. left player win easy

For me i removed split team. I win on it with an AI of 1 node

On pendind game do something. I play game where draw is bad for my score

Right. I'm wrong

I see color. When play in training mode in this map white is on left But in the video in the left is red

in this map player on the left (white in training mode) win easy.

The delay of white is becouse he is under pushing of two bot. I think (right :-)

I give u a hint

Search my posts on forum u can learn more tricks

I think many players of this game need a litle push for grow :)

first: i like seven word map, in last game i played only this map. Why? Becouse i do confusion with AI name... :)

Sometimes i liked play game and manage my single game AI version... now can't

The first impresion is: Now my AI tree is out of control

Now i see the result of some pending game and in some map i used bad AI :( every time a said i will fix.... but i will forgot again

The second impression: in some map u must only lose or draw u can't do nothing. Some player 'forgot' to play this game.. u know how. But it's not good rules: i can be the first in score? Or first on trick? No good for me.

The thirt impression is that the pushing trick got new strategy: bot carring resource push enemy bot. With this trick they are more fast...

Another litle trick is the use of random strategies on the same map

The game of pushing trick is become more complex, like saied my AI list is out of control. I hate develop new strat changing my default bot config for a map (i will forgot the last bot config and will lose with debug AI... :))

But this is not the last game. It's another. Like MBlitz i didn't used my old AI. I never used different AI in the same map for single bot in last game. In the new game in some map i use different AI for bot and i say more: i use different AI if play with white or with red.

The first difference from last game there is not random start like last. Every time we play a single map with the same AI the result is the same. We can got more control on result. The only trick is use different AI in every game the enemy can't control it.

My tree of AI will grow out of control if i will use this trck. I can't manage now :(

In future if we can create tournament with some filter: bot and map it will be a great game.We will create a game how we like (like last game)

My filter for tournament will be:

Bot:'Assalt y/shotgun n/gunmachine n/sniper n

Map: seven word


i think the best game for true computer programming is win game with any rules. Win with your rules is easy.

Play with shotguns is easy with some trick like play biliard table.

The best for me is create tornament with rules like bot can be used and what type of map

Sorry, i do mistake. For me the best is win with yours rules :)

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now i'm in league 4 and without test the new unit sniper

i played 3 games i lose 2 vs players and win the last vs nullPoint on seven wonder

I win he play red with some trick, short range to balls... release balls near his base..., but i use more and got 33pt :)

(Edited 1 time)

Arekusandoru i don't like this new game strategy. The player in the top of score are good on use of trick:

Don't play game they can't be sure to win

I talk on nullPointer i meet only in game where he is shure of win in other i'm in st-by.

The use of the pushing trick: on collision push push and your enemy go back and u got the resource.

Minor trick is of got the short way to keep the resource.

At the end it can be nice see player use push trick lose vs AI with push trick and short way. BUT THE LAST GAME WAS BETTER FOR ME

it's pushing trick

U push enemy unit and then u keep resource

shotguns if very fast other unit are slow (i play league 3). I think he is the best unit in every game map.

For JGamesCompany the score games with shotguns is not random result. I played many times games on one map and the result is the same, like play to biliard table, no random winner: every time win the best AI. U need use some trick and u win and win.

In some map using the same AI white will win in other red. But with some trick u can change the winner. U need on the same map AI for white and and AI for red.


I never read it in this forum, the players that know it never said it. I give u the best help, but u must develop it

The best trick for win is push your enemy

If u understand it and develop AI for pushing your enemy u will win ever resources map.

Good lucky

johnbob i know nullPoint he play only game he can't lose, like terminator

I have 6 game in st-by only with them.

The problem is the unit of level2 is fast more fast. U can know u win the game before start in more game.

I use a AI if play with white another is play with red. Using some trick u can win easy

I play with AI with 5-6 node, in old game i used 20 nodes or more.

I think need a rules with stat on single map and color. If u have 0 u got 0 if u play 1.000.000 on easy map and win all game it count for 1 stat.

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Sorry. I edited my post replay to jazz post. I don't understernt well his post (my bad english)

I see in many game u must reset your bot. i think to take a paper for write the ai name for every map

For the developer: in multiplayer the system don't use the AI bot used in training mode use the AI of last game in mutiplayer mode. Fix it

i don't like new multiplayer game.

I like old game. But it's the future.

I ask if in future can create game vs other player on single map for test ai without score like this:

Create a game without score

Other play can join game

After i can see stat: how many player play my game, how many win how many lose and other

i never meet 1 of top player in my league in some maps in other i meet.

He don't play maps where he think will lose. Whit new unit some map are unplayable like seven wonder: white with a dumb ai win every game