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I want your programming skills.

Sound is good.

I think it's good because it's casual.

It is difficult for me.  I gave up before I knew what I wanted to teach

I got an error when I kept pushing V on the signboard of Nara from the top.

But this game is great.

I like this game. I think it can learn program casually.


I think it's better to write the abacus calculation method in a place where you can read it immediately.

The numbers are hard to see, so the game is hard.

I don't know what to do.

I think it's the best game in a situation where the coronavirus is widespread.

I think this game is serious. I think it would be nice if the calculation results were easy to understand visually.

I like the feeling of operation. I wanted music. (Only I may not be able to hear it)

I like shooting games.  Sometimes the same option came out, so I think it's better to eliminate it

It is very interesting. I think great for studying logic circuits.

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I'm Taichi Neriki.

I am studying electronics. My hobby is playing video games. I like FPS, Super Smash Bros, and Strategy games. 

I'm thinking of making a game about drinking parties.