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This was pretty cool.  I also dig the 3D/2D artstyle.  That being said, I only have a few nitpicks/suggestions:

- I assume this is already planned, but if it isn't, please add the option to adjust the mouse sensitivity.  Hair-trigger aiming isn't for everyone, so the ability to customize it and tone it down would be greatly appreciated by many players, including myself.  Also, customizable controls in general would be awesome.

- The Headcrab Zombie's attack range seems a little large.  I got swiped by one even though it looked as if his attack should have missed.  Also, the frequency in which the enemies can attack can be a pain to fight against sometimes, especially if you get slapped into a wall.

- It kinda sucks that you can't climb onto movable boxes, but if it's simply not possible due to the engine/physics, then I can understand that.

- While on the subject of movable objects, the ability to simply place something down in front of you instead of chucking it full force would be nice.

Other than that, this was a fun little demo, and I'm looking forward to playing more.  Keep up the good work!

Awesome, I'm really glad to hear that! Thanks for reading everyone's comments and considering their feedback, this game really deserves to be the best it can possibly be. Again, I can't wait to play the full version

I would love to see an expansion on the story of this! Admittedly, I saw the plot twist as soon as it popped up, and then the inevitability that came with it, but I still enjoyed it! I'll also admit that I had to read the comments to figure out how to get past the big alien, lol. But great job, nonetheless!

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[Long Comment Warning]

I downloaded this game only yesterday, but I'm already liking it a lot! The level design is nice, the puzzles aren't too ridiculous (so far), and the game is challenging, but FAIR, which I really appreciate. It shares some similarities to Shovel Knight, but I suppose it's inevitable that the two will be compared. This isn't a bad thing, however! I do have some suggestions though, most of which have already been touched on by a few commenters below:

- As retsmuga said, the Living Fireballs are a bit of a pain to deal with, especially in tight hallways. As he also said, an indicator for being underwater would be a nice touch. Something as simple as a little air bubble around the player would probably suffice.

- A better method for executing the Dash attack would be very much appreciated. I think that the double tap thing just leaves too much room for error which could potentially REALLY screw someone over just because they didn't get the command perfect. I would suggest maybe just having it so that you hold in the direction that you want to dash, then perhaps double tap the attack button? Or maybe as tboctavan suggested, have a button dedicated only to the Dash. I feel as if that would be a bit more intuitive to use.

- Similarly, I think that the Mole Attack could use some tweaking as well. Again, comparing it to Shovel Knight, it would "feel" better if instead of having to re-execute the attack every time you land a hit on a monster or destructible piece of environment, it would only reset when you hit the ground.

Other than those few things, I didn't have any real issues with this game. It's well put together, it's challenging but fair, the graphics look very nice and definitely have the NES vibe, and is just a nice game overall. Great work to all the folks involved in putting this game together, and I can't wait to see the full version!