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If these goblins can do what humans do (harvest & build & battle), we can create our own Warcraft with this asset pack.

Here's a list of the animations I think are needed for a "cinematic" run-and-gun platformer. Strongly inspired by "Blackthorne":
1. Standing still looking right/left; with and without gun
2. While standing - turn from right (through front position) to left and vice versa; with and without gun
3. While standing - turn to back (for switch operations, talk to people, etc.); without gun
4. While standing - just one step forward; with and without gun
5. Walk forward; with and without gun
6. Run forward; without gun
7. While running - hit the wall and stop abrupt
7a. While running - turn around and continue run
7b. While running - transition from run to full stop
8. While standing - jump forward; without gun
9. While running jump forward and continue run
10. While jumping - hit the wall and fall on ground
11. While standing - jump up (to the ledge); without gun
12. Hanging on a ledge
13. Climbing up a ledge
14. Climbing down from a ledge
15. Jumping off the ledge when it is not so high (Without turning around - bend down, lean on hand, jump off. Something like that); without gun
16. While standing/walking/running - climb over an (not so high) obstacle (or ledge); without gun
17. While standing - enter ladder (for ladder up and down); without gun
18. Climb ladder
19. Exit from ladder (for ladder up and down)
20. Crouch; with and without gun
21. While crouching - roll forward; with and without gun
22. While crouching - turn around; with and without gun
23. While standing - draw gun and put it away
24. While crouching - draw gun and put it away
25. Get FRONT hit and fall on ground; with and without gun
25a. Get up from previous(25) ground position; with and without gun
26. Get BACK hit and fall on ground; with and without gun
26a. Get up from previous(26) ground position; with and without gun
27. While crouching - get item from ground; with and without gun
28. While crouching - put item on ground; with and without gun
29. While standing/crouching - throw item forward; without gun
30. While standing - lean back against the wall ("hide in shadows"); with and without gun
31. While standing/crouching - shoot forward (and maybe backward, like in Blackthorne)

It would be nice to have some animations with firearms and a little more. Like in "Blackthorne" from 1994 (hides in the shadows, talk to people, picks up items, draws gun and puts it away,  shoots forward and backward, jumps while standing or running). May be another add-on?

Would be nice to have "from-run-to-stop" animation too.

Pretty awesome. Put a price tag on this pack and also make a bunch of enemies in that same style. It would be a bestseller.

Why no "Pay with card" option?

Looks good on dark (and monotone) backgrounds,  unreadable on backgrounds with many detais.

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Is there jump side animation? Or only jump straight up? Some transition from attack state to idle would be nice to have.

"Ladder climbing" is very nice, but it is incomplete without "Ladder enter"/"Ladder leave" animations. For reference (to understand what I am talking about) you can watch the animations of the main character Kaho in "Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight".
And since we can crouch, then it would be nice to have an attack animation for this state. Nothing complex – a direct forward thrust with the sword.
Many thanks.

Very nice tileset. Much like as upcoming game "Blasphemous".

Can you please specify how much frames each animation have? And there is no jump animation, right?

For me, character are too small to this and other asset packs. Better make it average 32 px height. And with cartoon proportions (bigger head, torso, etc). Realistic proportions looks strange here.

It would be great if the large trees would have horizontal branches that would work as one-way platforms.

The fire breathing heads from WayForward "Shantae" game series. You don't mention that anywhere.

Character height?

I'm also waiting for the macOS version.

For now sprites barely visible on some backgrounds. Adding some outline can fix that.
Overall contrast are also very low.

Hi! Can you please add to this pack a candy and a piece of cake?

Candy – классическая, завернутая в бумажку карамелька. Cake - кусочек круглого торта с вишенкой сверху. Было бы хорошо еще и целый торт со свечками.

Hi! Is there any chance that you add another pack with more monsters and some animations for main character (may be sword throwing)?

Can you please specify the size of the tiles?