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it is not in this demo

This is a great game, I love the concept of just editing everything around you (how did frank get admin though?), but the thing i don't likw is the abomination of an arcade cabinet you created, anyways, also question, when it is fully released will it be free? great game overall

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How does one complete a level in 5 seconds?!

wow that was really cool

It won't be published until for another week

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Just got this game and finished it, This game is very good! Great gameplay and art styles and music, and you may have added a book to my reading list thanks to the credits, it also gave me a perspective of how difficult it was to be a female in the medieval times, when men where valued more. Just a question though, how many endings are there, and how much time did you spend on developing this game? as a fellow begginner developer, this must've taken atleast 3 months if you didn't encounter a lot of bugs?, (which i doubt that you didn't).

all in all, a 10/10 game

if it can be done over text, then sure, i am  a noob too