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It's higher now.

And that ffa you shouldn't play, singleplayer lol

Followed you to!

PS: Update me on your games pls!

Thanks! I will improve

Play Team. more peple playing

Nice game. Try out a game: type this:

PS 1: Not a lot of people know this website.

PS 2: It's not secure for my computer.


PS: Please spread the world about my game.

Oh! And I found out you just made this game yesterday! Good Job!

Ok, so it worked, but some  reason my laser gets stopped. Improve the game by making sure the laser doesn't stop, and, also, player has more health, enemies have less health, and, hey, did you make this game?

I got through all levels! I WON!


great game. better if when me found princess some trigger alerts the king to know when i go back to kin

also please spread the word about my game, "Balance"

Please follow me!

I'll write another comment later when it's done. I stay up late at night to reply comments, anyway.

It said must take 71 min to find out if there's virus or not

Tried to play it, but sorry,windows said it had discovered rare file thingy. i dun know what happen

Hmmmm......  trying to open, but quite slow. I'm waiting

Like, higher or further?

So you mean that the camera has to be a little further?

Person whom i followed from:

dun have any other games, do you? i was hoping me play some more games from you....

Instead why dun you go here: and check my game, "Balance"

Sorry. Tried making game, failed, had to keep up with school.....😭


Oh, and if you want to know my games, search this: and click "Balance"

PACA,  just improve your game: 1, the player must move slower; 2, you have to make sure that BAR isn't WAY too long.

1 star out of 5 stars

Did the creator mess it up and made a bar WAY too long?

I don't think the game is nice. The player moves to fast. I can't even last 5 secs.

(1 edit)

But For Some Reason It was still submitted.   ❓

I Didn't complete the game you see below in time for the same game jam, though

No comments? Don't worry, let me fill in a comment for you!

PS: This is a comment

just check one of my games, search "Balance"

I can't Download it!

I can't Download it!

Feel free to download! You don't have to pay anything.

Yay! I Got It Done!

Trying to upload it to webGL. I made this.

Nobody Voted.......😢