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Just replayed it, and finally realized the impact this game had on me. Even though I already knew the routes and endings, the emotional sections still sort of got to me. If I could give a higher rating, I would do it in a heartbeat. I look forward to any new games in the future and wish you good fortune!

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As of completing the demo, I have to say that I can't help but like the experience so far. The game is so much more in-depth with the customization, which is a large improvement from the last game. The characters are likeable from the moment you meet them and give off a ton of personality through text alone. The art is extremely well done and breathes a ton of life into the visuals.  The music is well done, and really sets the mood of the game. It seems every aspect of what I enjoyed from the previous Our Life: was expanded upon and improved. You can tell that a ton of work was put into the prologue alone. Now, there is a very small "issue" I would like to put out, and that is the hair color options. With all natural hair color options, the eyebrows don't change color with them. That seems to be the only issue I've found, and in the end, it isn't that important to me personally. I look forward to the future of the game, and wish GBPatch a very bright future, and my full support. If I could support you financially, I would. A lot of effort is put in, and the games are released for free, and feel like they sell for $20. Once again, I wish you good fortune. I'm looking forward to the next part.

The banana ending is the real true ending