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dead game lol

Forum and Game accounts are totally different.
You have to make a separate account for each of them

Create a post at, make sure to give some info about your system and crash.

The most convenient way is to download the itch app and download using it.

It is not 1, 2 = Done. We appreciate your enthusiasm but making a game takes alot of time and work, and especially that the game is free. We are planning to move the game on steam and hope that more players will play it. Marketing requires money and the game generates no income, except for donations. 

"Not in closest future as it will require quite a lot of work and very small % of players even need such feature."

-OMA (The Developer)

Players can create maps themselves with PBR materials. You can download SW map editor in the forums



OS? Computer specs? It would be more convenient if you created a topic on

You could try to use an emulator to bind your controllers controls to keyboard controls. I made it work once in such way


Steam version includes Seamless multiplayer and Archievements

I already answered your question (YOU CAN'T)

Read FAQ on discord, Mindustry on Raspberry Pi could technically run but I dont think Anuke will develop it 

Not in closest future as it will require quite a lot of work and very small % of players even need such feature.

Thanks, I beat the demo, now time to find Azure

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Hi, How am I supposed to beat the first boss? The fight seems endless and my shots don't have any effect on the boss

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What's self explanatory?

I speedrunned it lol

Bought 1 month ago or Released for sale 1 month ago? those are 2 different things.  Anyway if you are running other games/performance costly programs in background then you are sure to get lag

Check internet connection/firewall and reboot SW

Then you must be running it on something from 1990's

Para equipar accesorios, armas, camuflajes, etc., tendrás que abrir el menú y hacer clic en "Clase". Luego, para cada clase, habrá un icono de engranaje cerca. Haga clic en y luego puede editar su equipamiento.   Traductor en uso

.... for fun?

Also he is joking. All of them are.

Dude.... chill

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Nobody can help you if you don't explain how the game crashes, or, in other words- "don't work" if you don't mention your system specs and specify your problem (Here, on discord or in forum). 

"Create topic in forum and provide information about your system (CPU, GPU, RAM and OS). If possible, try to record video and show us when exactly game crashes. "

^^^Stated in Description^^^

The date is not exact but it is coming out very soon.

If you want, you can ask on

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I can't download the game, looks interesting though

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Why are you asking us lol, Ofc you can


If you are on Windows: Open F.E. > Documents > Skillwarz > Maps (NOT PROJECTS) > Place map there > Open S.W. > Editor Maps > On the left you will see a list of maps, Click on the map > Choose room settings > Click online

"I don't know what Tetris is"

***Sad Ivan noises***

It might seem like CSGO copy, but if you play long enough you will definatly see differences)))

I played it over a year ago, now its quite amazing

"Not in closest future as it will require quite a lot of work and very small % of players even need such feature."

-OMA (aka Developer)

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Ask on Forums

but cool game ngl

cant fire weapons for some reason