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Do I have to re-buy holocraft to download it now since I cant download it on this site anymore

Yes! I'll see if I can make some cool ones

Sounds good

Thanks sounds good. No havent made any new ones. I've moved twice in this last year so it's been busy.  I'll let you know though as soon is I get everything up and running again.

Just wondering if you got around to fixing the texture feature yet?

Just wondering how things are progressing on the texture feature :)

Hey I have a question. I was thinking of buying your pixel cnc, do you plan on integrating any rotational  axis like a, b, or c. I ask because I'm building a 5 axis cnc and I like the look of your program.

He told me "

* I use a fairly massive CNC machine to drag a diamond stylus through aluminum alloy at a depths of 20-50 micron.  Had to customize some machine parts and programming to get optically smooth motion.
* It helps to tilt the stylus slightly in the direction of motion and to use a very light-gauge lubricant.  I grind & polish the stylus to a Rouleax-like shape to promote reflectivity.
* Everybody gets the geometry of the stylus motion curves wrong — they're not conic.  You need to solve an ODE that asks for rigid 3D image motion when some part of the optical path (e.g. the plate) moves.
* Lighting should be consistent with whatever assumptions you make in your ODE.  Point-like sources work best; broad-spectrum sources allow diffractive color effects."

Hope this helps

I talked to Matthew Brand and he offered me some tips. Let me know if your interested I'll send you what he told me.

3 in on stainless

ok I thought that's what it was. Thanks for all your hard work.  

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How does the Texture work exactly? When I click load texture nothing happens.

I think I've got my scratching technique down. I'm using an auto center punch to keep it contact at the correct pressure to make I light scratch.

Love the update

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Thanks for an awesome program

What does it mean when it says optic segments overflow and crashes?

Also how do you get it to not calculate the back of the object through the front?  Like its transparent.