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Thank you so much! :)

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Hi, thank you for this fine incremental game!

I have a small “issue” to report:

The updated file has the same buildNumber in the pdxinfo as the old one. Because of this it is not seen as an update on the Playdate after sideloading it via the Playdate website. I had to remove the old file on the website, then uninstall and re-download the game to the device to get the new version.

[EDIT] There’s a small bug with the language selection, where the applied language doesn’t match the one that is selected. To reproduce: Currently on EN (default), open menu, switch language to FR, then DE, close menu. The applied language is now French instead of German.

I also have a minor feature request:

Could you disable the device auto lock while the game is active? I sometimes just want to have it running to wait for my cogs to reach some target amount, but that’s prevented by the auto lock. Or alternatively have it update for the passed time after unlocking the device again?


The more incremental games I can put on my Playdate, the better! :D

Awesome, thank you! :)

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Hi, I absolutely love the game! I’d also like to chime in with suggestions :)

They all come down to this: Could you add an options menu so the player can adjust things around the game to their preferences?

Now the things in detail that I’d wish for:

  • The new background is pretty, but I personally find it distracts me from the puzzles.
  • An option to mute the music would be nice. I most often play on my playdate while listening to podcasts or music, so I find myself turning the music off in basically every game I play. Of course, I can just mute the Playdate itself; it just would be nice if the game had the option.
  • I love the game, but I’m bad at these sorts of puzzles. I often fail to spot the sections I did wrong. It would be super helpful if there was an option that highlights sections that are wrong. (i.e. 3 in a row, same rows/columns, columns with unbalanced crosses and circles)
  • Last but not least, would you consider adding a way to just undo moves? Since currently there’s no way to clear a square again. Maybe either go fancy with the crank, or clear the square if the matching button for it’s current value is pressed again. (so pressing A on a circle would clear it, and B on a cross would clear it)
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Hi! First off, I absolutely love this game, it’s one of my favourites on my Playdate so far! :)

I’m currently working on a GitHub playdate template project, which allows writing games for the Playdate in Lua and/or Fennel.
It also provides automated release builds via a GitHub action.

At the moment I’m preparing two branches with full example use cases of the project template, and would like to ask you if I could use your source code of Spin Cross as a base for the example branches?
I would add a link to this page to the main README and in the example branches too.

Here’s the current Lua example project: and it’s automated release:

[Edit] Updated links

Shows up as desired with the new file 👍

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Hi, thanks for the update! :)

There is a minor issue with the new file: When I sideload it via the playdate website and then refresh the game list on my Playdate, it doesn’t show up as an available update.

Looking into it, the old file and the new one have a different version but the same buildNumber in their pdxinfo file. I think that needs to be increased to show up as an update for the game on the device.

(As a workaround I deleted the old file in the sideload section on the playdate website.)

Awesome, thank you so much! :)

After some more play I have another small suggestion/request. Would you be willing to add an option to the pause menu to invert the display? :) In some lighting conditions I find white sprites on a dark background a bit difficult to see.

Another banger right after Dash-Arena? Hell yeah! :D

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A great little game! Lot’s of fun for little money, thanks for this! :)

After playing for a bit there’s just two minor points of feedback I have:

  • I’d love to have a direction indicator even when not currently charging up a dash. While my aim got a little better over time, I feel it would be nice to have the little triangle at your feet even when not charging up. Though I understand if this was a conscious decision to not show.
  • Could you also allow any button on the D-Pad for charging the dash? This is a personal preference, but I find it a bit more comfortable to hold if I only have to reach the D-Pad with my left thumb.

Awesome, thanks for the quick update! :)

I honestly can’t believe this game is free and you won’t even let us pay if we wish. Amazing work on this! So much fun and polish, I love it! :)

There are only 2 tiny suggestions I have:

  • Can you show the total number of coins when the game is paused during a run? I found myself wondering how many more runs/coins I need to unlock the next extra. (Or maybe even give a little popup when a new extra is available)
  • can you allow fast forwarding dialog boxes with the A or B button?

Huge thanks for the Rev B fix! Finally I can look at screenshots right on the device. :)

One suggestion: Could you think about increasing the scroll speed with the crank? This is totally subjective, but I find the scroll speed with the crank a bit slow. It feels like I need to rotate the crank more than half way around to select the next image, which (for me at least) means I’m a lot faster skipping through the images with the d-pad. In other places (like the Playdate game selection) I use the crank so I can scroll through entries faster than I can with the d-pad.

I did some experimenting around to get the game running smooth on the hardware, and came up with basically pre-baking the blurred light cones. :)
You can take a look at it here if you like:

awesome thanks!

Hi, is a Playdate port still on the horizon? :)

I second those suggestions and would also add another one:

Maybe include a small “how to play” text that can be reached from the menu. Not everyone reads the game’s description here on, and it would lower the barrier for first-time players.

Hi! I noticed that the mines seem to be placed on the board already before I reveal the first box. This surprisingly often results in games that rely a lot on luck to be solved, because I start with a revealed number, or games that I lose immediately because the first box I revealed was a mine. Could you adjust it to generate the mines only when the first box is clicked, and then make sure that the generated board has a clear section where the slected box is? That would make it more similar to the classic Minesweeper.

Hi! I was trying to look at the games source, and it seems like the source code doesn’t fully match the downloadable game. The source results in a game that starts in the final bedroom, and doesn’t have the end animation, instead it crashes when you leave the room on the right. Could you update the source on GitHub? I’d love to play around with it :)

No worries, we all have a life besides game dev after all. :) Thank you for the super quick response!

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Received my PlayDate a couple of days ago and was really looking forward to playing this. Could you update this game or (if you don’t have the time for it) maybe consider opening the source code so we can re-compile it ourselves?

EDIT: I just saw you already have a Github repo for it. I try to familiarize myself with the Playdate SDK in the near future and try to contribute any necessary update changes as a PR :)

I'm gonna use it, but I don't have much game dev experience yet, and close to zero with Godot. We'll see if I manage to submit something :'D