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What episode is this on on patreon? Also will there be any pregnancy content? Love the game so far!

Is this an NTR game? I haven't got very far but just by how they're talking I get the sense that everyone is banging and there'll be other dudes banging the characters.

Oh okay. When you reenable them will it retroactively unlock any that I unlocked? Or should I keep a save from before the rescue mission? 
I'm just not sure if I had to look for them around the ship or if they unlocked through crew events.

Love the game so far. Bless you for the dragon women. I'm curious about how you get any of the images in the image gallery though? Or have none been added yet?

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Is it just me or does everyone else have problems with NPCS just constantly teleporting around, appearing and disappearing, etc? The game is just not smooth at all and my computer seems to be running it fine. My fps is always steady, etc. 
My character always does random things anywhere she goes. Say I go get a beauty treatment, half the time I'm standing there acting like I work there doing someone's hair, etc
Not sure if it has something to do with me using winrar to extract it instead of 7zip? I started doing it before realize it said 7zip but it worked so I just went with it.

So is the full game done? Where can we get that?

Omg man you're the greatest, thank you! 

What image with birds? I'm already at the menus and never saw any birds telling me to write anything down.

No one cares.

So is the female MC only in beta on the demo? Or is she in beta on the paid version as well?
I was excited about the game because there were different genders, so I just wanted to know.

Seems like at a certain point the scenes suddenly aren't animated anymore, are the animated scenes stopping?

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Lmao, sounds like your computer is trash. I run it on highest graphics with 0 issues. Don't blame the developer for your bad hardware?

The loading screens are literally instant for me.