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Thanks for playing, I enjoyed the video :-)

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing! 23 🥫 is really good!!

Heyoo! Thanks for playing and the feedback!

Likewise! Fragment & Secret Tea Garden looks cool! 👀

Hey thanks! I'll see if I can force him to upload the track >:)


This solved a problem for us! Good find :-) But combining this with a layout group seems to place the component weirdly! I think it's because the placement is done BEFORE the enable on SuperTextMesh now. Is there a SEO that is like the "golden" value? :-P

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Found why it rendered when disabled, I used Rebuild AFTER I disabled the STM - component... Which I guess updates the mesh renderer?
EDIT: removed Rebuild and did stm.text = "test" which even if the component is disabled renders the text!

Super! I think I got it working with the disabled thing! Also, noticed that setting a text enables the renderer even if it's disabled? o.o

Just noticed a not-so-weird situation!
I'm animating a rect-box and have a STM component set to fit the box with some padding. As the animation set the box to be smaller than the padding I end up with a negative rect-transform width which causes STM to render the text by default!


I could make a script that just forces the rect to not be negative or disable the STM component when the width is smaller than 0, thought I'd just post this in-case there is already a "fix" or similar solution :-)

STM saved our project btw <3 

haha thanks for playing!!

:') thx

Thank you! :D

Thanks for playing!!

Song was made by a friend of mine for the game :)

Thanks for keeping the city clean!!

As soon as I get back from AMAZE I will look into it :)

Poor boi only trying boi's best

Thank you :)

kinda the reason why I stopped working on it is beacuse there is so much things that need tweeking aswell as adding more features etc. I'm not up for that type of game atm.