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This was pretty fun! Left enough room for me to toss around some theories while also providing some good scares. Voice acting was a nice addition as well. 

The tense atmosphere and scares were a lot of fun up top. The bottom level was freaky but some kind of scare in that basement would have really sold it. Overall a really solid experience! 

I know some folks roam around here to watch videos so here it is. I don't really have anything comment wise to add that hasn't already been said.

I really liked this! The ending really got me and I even knew it was coming. The blur effect in the game was a little much but I got used to it after a couple of minutes. 

This was such a fun concept. Having to find secret channels to change outcomes was so fun. Is there a way to save the guy from the dog? Run wasn't an option until he suggested it but running just killed him anyway. 

I really liked all the "side quests" that I could do for more dialogue! 

I really liked the sound design in this. The walking, the screaming, the approach sounds. Also I didn't even notice anyone outside of the house until I went to make the thumbnail and saw the person in the distance. Was that supposed to be anyone important? 

The ending mechanic with not looking at the killer's face was so fun. Seeing him out of the corner of my eye made it that much more freaky!

I never know what I'm gonna get from a 616 Game but I always enjoy them!

I am so excited to play the full version of this game. I've dabbled with every update and I'm looking to have a blast with the full game!

This game turned out to be a bit more scary than I expected. The only thing I wanted was more voice-overs but I imagine that's coming as development goes. I can't wait to see more of this!

I like the concept but the bugs broke the immersion.  I frequently couldn't interact with Potrick when he cornered me in the storage room. When I could interact with him, I would get blocked in the room by him. The one attempt where I finally made it to the end, the gun wasn't "selectable" in the inventory (why do I even have a flashlight and lighter?) and I couldn't finish the game. 

I am a huge sucker for point-and-click games! I also really liked how the art style had the stop-motion look animation. This was just such a wonderful experience overall! 

I actually found a bug (or access to something)! When I left click a milk carton (instead of pressing E) it brings up HSL sliders that let me change the colors of the cabinets in the kitchen. I left it in the video so you can replicate it. 

This is amazingly well done. The simple tasks of "go replace these lamps" is good at distracting me enough that I was never ready for the scares! This is really a good balance between tasks and scary!

I was in love with Lidar.exe and Please Don't Litter so I HAD to play this game! I enjoy that you brought back the goose from PDL. It was a pretty chill experience. Can't wait for the next game!

I love games like this where it starts off cute and devolves into a horrific event. The body in the water was creepy to find! 

I really enjoyed how every floor felt a bit different. The fliers task was a good touch as it forced me to do things while I'm tense from things happening around me. 

THIS game had me. It scared the piss out of me but was also cracking me up. I couldn't really figure out how to do the last boss fight in a timely manner. Felt like I was just shooting and missing a lot but that may have been on me. Absolute pleasure to play

I love these playground/mascot/animatronic scary games! I'm really excited to play the next one. This bird had me so uncomfortable for the entire game. 

I always love your games. Control Room Alpha got me back into horror games in 2022. This was a fun game but it did make me feel dirty! 

This got me so many times. You did really well with overall pacing and jump scares. I love good pacing!

The first version was a creepy game and it was fine if simple. However, the second update went full scale wild and horrific! Can't wait for the full game!

I always enjoy a 616 Game

I laughed a lot in this game. Overall really funny! A SFW mode would have been nice for us content creators but I was able to censor it myself enough in edit. :D

This was such a refreshing change of pace for a horror game! I enjoyed the puzzle and the hilarious ending!

I had fun just getting to talk about planes and how too many people poop on planes. I would have loved for the hunter to have a model that could jump-scare but it was still decent scary. 

I was having a blast with the basketball mechanic alone. I did encounter an issue where if the ball rolls into the dark corners, you can't find it and progress.

I liked this. The eyes appearing everywhere did amazing at tension building, you have a talent for it!

I really like the direction you took this idea. For the most part, the pacing was fine and the jump scares were solid. The clone room shook me. My only complaint is the random head pop-up on the screen in the trash loop felt cheap. What if it was more natural like it falls or rolls from somewhere versus just popping up on the screen? Fun game overall! 

I really enjoyed this and I really didn't expect the story to go the way it did. I didn't see the true threat coming at all!

I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO PLAYING IT! I really enjoyed this whole experience. Such a well designed world!

I was surprised at how incredibly short it was. I did love the PS1 throwbacks like Croc and Crash Bandicoot. Really took me back to the late 90s!

Fun concept. The tension I had at the end waiting for another jump scare was wild.

I don't usually like this style of game so I appreciate the difficulty settings. I only survived because I could outrun him! 

I always get so excited with new 616 Games! Always a pleasure!

Floored by the amazing quality of this game! The third ending caught me completely by surprise! The lore building really added great context!

You are a master at tension building! I kept waiting for something to happen in those narrow spaces. 

I went in looking for a short game with an interesting plot and I found it! As far as walking simulators go, I found it to be pretty entertaining!