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Was excited to see the cute cat and then you made me do a thing.  >:(    Cool game overall, broke my heart over the cats >:(

This game was such an interesting experience. It was hard to take seriously but it still scared the hell out of me in places! Nice balance to everything!

The ending was wild but I did enjoy the game. That's a lot of food for a midnight snack though! 

I had a blast with the game. The only thing I would like to see added would be reverse controls in the car because it is possible to get stuck in various places without being able to get out. I'm probably a bad driver.

I came in expecting some spooks but instead I feel like I saved the world. Or maybe I failed and I didn't notice. I'll pretend I saved the world. 

I don't usually go for visual novel style games like this but wow was it fun! I loved the whole thing!

The monster started to make me worry when he would run away for only a couple seconds at the end. Thing was ugly! Cool game!

I saw a new Max Horror game and got excited! Is the book in the TV room the same book from The Book game? 👀 Loved it and can't wait for the next one!

Interesting game with a fun twist. The keyboard sounds made it hard to hear some of the creepy sounds happening around me but I could still pick up on it a bit. Thanks for posting!

Honestly, it was pretty hilarious to have to edit out the nudity. It also taught me a  new video editing skill because I never had to censor anything before! :D

I loved Night Guard so popped in to try this game. I missed the NSFW mode and had a good laugh at the random nudity. Cool game!

I loved Light Switch and when I saw your name, I knew I had to play this. This game scared me hard. Overall really good. 

This was a fun concept game. Made me question some things I thought I knew!

Game doesn't run. I get the following error:

"Unable to parse Build/LastHope.framework.js.gz! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: gzip" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug."

The game looks fun, would love to come back and play once it's up and running! 

Love the game concept! The glow sticks were a cool idea.  The video above expresses some ideas. Great game!

This game was great and freaked me out a few. Wasn't too hard to figure out what would trigger different endings and managed to get them all!

The game overall has a good theme. I'm a huge fan of the way the house changes after certain events. Unfortunately, I ended up figuring out I didn't need to hide/crouch for any reason other than to progress the game. I would have loved an opportunity to see what I was "running from". Overall I think it's a strong base, just needs a couple of touch ups. Very cool project!

Super short but super good game. Thing freaked me out!

Somehow you found my video before I got around to sharing it here! Thanks for checking out. I really love this game and will definitely revisit it if it gets anything added to it. Attached my video because I know there's some people on the site who like to watch games as opposed to playing them. Thanks for the great game!

The tension had me ready for some kind of horrible scare and instead you hit me in the feels. Amazing game!

I'm beginning to think that I have a fear of deep bodies of water after all...

You got me. Ultimate spooks. The letters read very strange and were sometimes confusing but great game, looking forward to more.

Another great one! I had a blast playing this. I'm sorry if I pronounced your name wrong!

The shifting hallways really through me for a loop. Loved it!

Great game. Some creepy sounds in the tower would have added some depth to the creepy.  Loved it overall!

The car driving controls felt a little weird until I got used to it but the overall theme was so cool! I encountered a bug but was able to fix it by adjusting the resolution. 

This game was pretty cool. The only thing I was curious about but didn't test was how to progress. Does the story progress at a certain time on the clock, or based on events? Very fun!

This game had lots of great spooks and scares! My only criticism would have been some kind of note item or something in the room to give some context to why the player is here and maybe why it's "haunted". Overall great game!

Great horror! Each room had me so anxious for what was coming next!

Interesting concept with the sunken city but the inhabitants being able to survive in it (for a time.) Had a blast, would love to explore this idea more.

Satan scared me every time he popped up. Not sure I'll ever see the Kermit the save way. Great game!

I should have learned my lesson after Mannequin House but here I am anyway. Good game that gave me quite a fright!

This game took me back to the 90s where I played Playstation games like Resident Evil all day. Now I feel old!

Fun game, the scares got me a couple of times. Would have liked a little more explanation to what happened but overall very good!

Cool game. Swimming was weird until I got a feel for it. Overall fun! Not sure if I pronounced the title correctly. 

I didn't really understand the ending but I made some guesses. Game was pretty scary, loved it!

This game had an incredible spooky ambiance. The only thing I would have liked to see was a a short explanation of why I'm there and what the thing chasing me was. Loved it overall!

Fun and enjoyable game. I did encounter a bug. The first time I found the workshop key, I couldn't unlock the door. Resetting fixed it. It's included in the video. 

The graphics really tripped me at first but I loved it as I got used to it. Story didn't make much sense but I had so much fun trying to solve for the names to write in the book! Would love to see more!

The atmosphere and sounds were spot on while in the house. Being able to hear the water coming in freaked me out a bit. Loved it!