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Always a blast to play 616 Games! This game legit creeped me out. One of the scarier ones for sure!

I don't know why, but the end actually scared the hell out of me!! The pacing with the little then big snake was amazing. 

LIXIAN! I saw the name and immediately hopped on it. You really have a talent for making games with amazing pacing and the right amount of scares.

I love the humor that comes in your games. This was such a funny experience.

Short experience but I found it to be fun. More creepy than scary. Looking forward to more.

This game was ACTUALLY really scary! I'm tempted to play the full game but I hear it's actually pretty hard.

This was a weird experience but I really liked it! I kept messing up because I was going to fast lmao

The name of the game was kind of weird but I did overall enjoy the experience!

Kind of a weird experience but I like the idea behind the found footage and the alien parasite.

I was really impressed with the lighting effects in this. Def a wild ride!

This game was fun! I didn't realize how much I missed until after I played and watched some other folks play it! 

I wasn't a huge fan of tank controls but as I experienced the wild camera angles, it made more sense. I really liked some of those angles, like the one from behind the fence on the street. Excellent story telling!

This game was a BLAST! I love space and enjoyed getting to play a space horror game!!

I loved this but I felt like I was high on a variety of drugs lmao

This game's scares were so creative. With everything going on, I simply wasn't ready. Good stuff!

Def one of the more creepier games I've played, and all with 2D art. I love it!!

Joining the YouTube bandwagon here! I really liked this. The twist with the other prisoner really made me feel terrible!

I gave the game a couple of playthroughs, but I honestly have no idea what the "horrifying truth" was. Maybe I missed something? Other than, was a nice implementation of Unreal 5

I loved loved loved this game so much. It was so much fun. Is the wife able to be saved at the end? I tried a no-kill playthrough but found no way to save her.

I actually really enjoyed this! No jumpscares but still very creepy. 

Pretty gnarly game. Would love to see more of the dad's storyline and what was going on!

I really really love this art style! It's so refreshing to see something not ultra-realistic or PS1 era pixelated. I loved loved loved this game!!

I enjoyed the game! The jump scare at the end was so unexpected and I was visibly shook from it.

I was kind of enjoying the boat ride and then I remembered I was in a horror game. Short and sweet, thanks for making the game!

Some of my favorite creators played this game this week and I had to join in. You are great at puzzle design!

I kinda wish there was more to the little bird. It was cute and the fact that it was in different places was fun to find! 

The airport was well designed. Lots of people walking around to add value. Not scary, but definitely creepy!

Hey I finally got around to making this. I liked the concept of the game and found it to be fun. The only thing I would change is maybe a monster that shows up when scanning sometimes as well. Something to match the prints.

I'm late but here it is.  My only major complaint in the game was lack of key usage. Maybe pressing space or E to skip dialog or exit binoculars versus forcing the user to click everything? 

Other than that, I had a blast and it was actually really funny!

How on earth did you create so much tension with no jump scares?? Amazing pacing and holding. Very creative.

I liked this game. My only complaint was the pixelated text was a bit hard on the eyes. Also it took me a while to figure out that there were townspeople in the front of the  lift. I liked it overall though.

This game was so creative. It took me completely by surprise. A welcome idea indeed.

I haven't played an indie horror game on here in months and I was glad this was my first one back! Short but an enjoyable run!

I loved the concept and story of this game! Legitimately terrifying.

This game was legitimately horrifying. The ending had me messed up!

Interesting design to express how anxiety and depression likely looks for people. I personally don't suffer from either often so I enjoyed being able to see it from this perspective. Great game!

This game was interesting in that it kept progressing the tension up and up. It also took me down a rabbit hole with the Mandela Catalogue and I'm about to lose my mind. Love it!

The story got wild on me. Very interesting concept of having a third-person creepy game!

The sections where the creature was somewhere I didn't expect managed to scare me. The final jump scare was pretty weak compared to the rest of the game. One suggestion is maybe for the TV to not say anything and then when you turn around, you're not expecting it.