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yw :D

rlly cute :

AAAA YOUVE DONE VERY WEL :DDD its rlly tricky and quite dificult but i lov it :)

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alright :D, well not at the moment

Can't wait for the full version :D

Can someone give me a hint on Mints padlock thing please?

I wanna talk to them moree :(,their cute btw <33

I loved it, nice game <3

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The Among Us thing really funny XD
Younger brother: And the way it said s u s s u s          a m o g u s

I've never seen a pixel game where you rotate the screen, I love it :D

I love it :D


I got all the endings but the 6th :'), I also love V's personality 

I got 60% :D

I did not expect that ending, but cool game :D




That was fun :D

Beautiful <3


I'm here to support ya all the way through :) Take your take making the levels, don't stress yourself out too much, mk? :D

That was sad but I loved it :'D

Nice :D

So far so good, can't wait for the next levels :D

mark, u useless piece of sh- GRANNY IS DYING AND UR OVER HERE WATCHING TV ;-;

aa im not a fast typer ;-;

short and sweet :D

the art reminded me of adventure time, love the game :D <3

oo creepy :D

It was beautiful :')





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John's soo fricking scaryy!!:'(

this is maybe might help idk, their relationship lasted a month right? so think of how long a month is, their anniversary is apr 2

i hope it helped hopefully TvT