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This is so good. Seriously. I played in one long sitting today, mostly with the company of a friend. I have theories and ideas that came to mind while I was playing that I can't wait to share with him when he wakes up since his ass went to bed before we could finish together. There's so much to talk about in the environmental storytelling and what it says about Vincent. I actually think you learn more about Vincent while playing than you do Rody, even though Rody is the POV. That somehow makes it even cooler.

Played on Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7. Installed on HDD that isn't my main drive and ran it with no problems. No errors, bugs, or missing files as some users have mentioned having. 

I have very little negative to note but for QOL purposes:

  • Audio - Can't change the audio volume from the main menu and since I play on Mac without routing all my sounds through a mixer it ended up blasting my ears when I first opened it. Had to get through the tutorial to lower volume. The volume setting also is not universal to the game itself, it seems? You have to save a file in which you change the volume first for it to stick? I'm not 100% sure.
  • Hit-boxes on serving objects. - I've seen comments from other users mentioning that they think the tables or cleaning aren't working when they try to serve guests at the restaurant. I noticed this with one of the two-top tables and how you had to clean it from its lower side, and how specific your location relative to guests has to be to interact with them.
  • When you take an order while holding a plate, if the plate matches that order type, it automatically gives the plate to the guest. There isn't a note of this, you kinda just find out by accident.
  • Controls are a little awkward. This might be because of my setup and the size of my keyboard. I don't hold that against the game itself. It's short enough and straightforward enough that one shouldn't have to change their keybindings.

Really, really loved this. So much. I got a very satisfying and complete experience that also left me wanting more. 

Adorable, in an absurd sort-of way. Picking up a hitchhiker never went better!

First played Cupid in 2017. It deserves to be remembered as one of the best OELVNs. Full stop. Guilleme is one of my favorite garbage-tier husbandos to this day.

I played Magical Otoge Ciel and Anholly both in 2017. I wrote a long review of Ciel in 2017. And almost 5 years later, I find out this now exists which is great because I loved Iris, it was also great, and I lose my mind and buy this immediately. No second thoughts. Fanboy brain activated.

Upon first skim, the spreads are gorgeous. The layout is clean. It's professional, tidy, and pretty. I'm so, sosososo happy. If someone likes the beautiful artwork and soft style and wants to throw more support in the direction of a great creator, I still throw them Magical Otoge games in the year of our lord 202X. 

Got this in a bundle and stopped playing games for a long while. I regret that it took me so long to play this.

I'm a big fan of writing poetry and have a nonzero amount of history knowledge on this setting. I actively seek a challenge when I play, and I get that challenge. It's a freaking blast. 

Modes are great challenges, but they are just that: challenges. The game already demands your brain power, and a new poet or player could really struggle with it. It's like an "Advanced Mode" toggle. I would suggest newer poets go easy on themselves and not feel bad if they don't know jack about meter. 

As opposed to starting a new round fresh, I use Poker Play to make the next round a continuation of the previous. Craft an ongoing story, in a way, across multiple different poems. Another way to add yet more depth to the experience of an already rich and flavorful game. 

I plan on trying this with others in the future, but for now, the solo play is great. I'm having a wonderful time.