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Dead Olympics - The old badgers aren't going out without a fight... just because they are a corpse it doesn't mean they can't have fun

You can call me Skinny Pete :p Glad I could help, and damn some of those girls are hard to please!

Damn I thought I had added it! Added it in now.

Rankr is a very dangerous app | Tinder Simulator

CANT BELIEVE I CRIED | One Week My Room Game - This game really had me in tears. I'm glad it had a happy ending but with suicide in the limelight at the moment this game shows an important message... someone is there for you.

Actually got jump scared badly... Do you dare go inside? | The Cabin Prologue 

if you ever need a British voice actor let me know, would be great to help out :0)

I certainly will, what's new with it?

Thanks, gutted I was close the health... could have reached new heights! I look forward to the update. Keep me posted

Hola amigos, welcome to some Naked Minecraft  

Hola amigos, this game was really funny and I somehow managed to get jumpscared. Enjoy the video STAND UP COMEDIAN | The Unique Adventure

Hola amigos, absolutely loved this game!! Looking forword to more from this dev. Let me know what you amigos through of the video RESIDENT EVIL 2.0? | Contemp

Hola amigos, Lots of LOLZ and wasnt what I was expecting. GUILTY OF ADHD | Ultra ADHD

Hola amigos, needs a little work but a couple of very good jumpscares! Enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts. EVIL GRANDMA | Grandma's House  

Hola amigos, this was a great game and really enoyed it. Hope you amigos like the walkthrough TOO MANY JUMPSCARES | Grandma


Hola amigos, This game was a really, really good game and I can't wait for the next instalment.

Was expecting  a beast to be chasing me, anti-climax unfortunately 

Hola amigos, although the ghost could have been a lot scarier it was a great little game and would recommend people to check it out. 

Hola amigos, a fun game to play/rage too and really worth playing.

Freaking loved the concept!!! Loved the pixelated aspect of it too. Keep it up & look forward to the next one

Hola Amigos, loved playing the new games and will even be playing this offline for a bit of fun.