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love this idea! would it be possible to add a fillable version of the wizard sheet, though? all my ttrpg buddies are spread out online

i just finished this, and i love it!!! also, for those who got it through the palestinian aid bundle: you're gonna have to manually download the game through the site, since it plays in your browser!

thoroughly charming game. i had the biggest smile on my face watching the relationship between those two grow

I'm considering whether to use my Steam key for the game for myself, or whether to gift it to a friend. But if I gift it to a friend, I don't wanna miss out on any additional content the Steam version might get. Since the game's still being updated and new content's being added: Is there any real reason to own a copy of the game on Steam when you've already got a copy on Itch? Should I hold onto my Steam key just in case, or is it safe to go ahead and give it to a friend?