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(Minor spoiler)

The writing was great, but I was actually having fun with the story wallowing in the horrors of existential despair, I think that part could've gone on longer. 

I get a error trying to run it in Windows 10 pro: "Failed to load il2cpp"

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This was incredible, but I've got a question, lore wise... (WARNING SPOILER HIDDEN DOWN BELOW)

Is there a particular reason the Holl are so humanoid like? Despite being from another planet? Otherwise I'll just use my headcanon. Also could you please give a very cryptic tip on how to find these random events? Sounds like a Yume Nikki situation which just thinking about it makes me giddy, I'm glad you're a fellow fan.

Really enjoy the simple setup for the tension, choices and characters.

Sorry, I know a lot of people ask for the song names but, could you tell me what the name of the one that plays on the piano when you decide to go to the forest with anya? It's such a good song, I'd like to learn to play it. 

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Is there only one good ending (5)? I'm afraid of doing the others because I'm assuming they're the cruel routes where you don't give her a chance to explain. Horror VNs with cute girls always seem to end up with you killing them with paranoia and without nuance. But that aside, love it.

If I were the creator of this visual novel I would add a horror tag to it. Really gripping stuff.  The dread I felt in this story is as good as a classic Twilight Zone/ Black Mirror episode.

The description  worried me a little. I thought it was a bad translation. It confused me and put my brain in the gutter..........and then I checked the tags....

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My playthroughs tend to gravitate toward Johann/ Child Soldier. I keep playing again hoping for secrets and endings that I wish there were more of ):

It's a beautiful story and it has the right balance of romance/horror.

Really good. I think one character was more developed and more sympathizeable to me than the others. 

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(****spoiler detail warning****my opinion***)

As a long time fan of Evangelion and a newfound fan of your work on Lovesick, it's pretty awesome and insane seeing the planets align between the two:

Stuart is definitely like a mix between Kaworu and Kaji, giving Syd/Shinji  some calm respite and wisdom from all the energy and apocalypse the women in his life bubble around him.

Maisy is like Misato with her drunkenness and wildness and she is basically Syd's guardian at his new home, (Shinji and Syd reciprocate their guardian roles to them in a way somewhat)  and she has a longing for more adult culture in her life, and I don't need to tell anyone why she is Asuka.

Maisy's Conservative parents, Steph's mother, Nacho, and Syd's old past function as Gendo.

Steph's mother is also similar to Kyoko.

Jayda is like Misato (daddy's girl vibes) and I'm assuming Mari (can't say I have seen the new ones though), she also shares Shinji's confidence traits with Syd  

Grace is like Toji, for being protective and like Hikari, for being on par on aggressiveness as Asuka.

Syd, Jayda and Albie are like Kensuke, their gaming hobbies align with Kensuke's military nerdism.

Albie is Kensuke and Shinji when he was younger and him and Steph's cats share the innocence of Pen Pen. Actually Albie shares his personality with basically every kid who is under heavy stress from their parents to achieve. Him, Steph, Grace and Stuart also line perfectly with stressed and forced to overachieve children, which also permits particularly infamously through asian/japanese (or australian) culture and thereby high school age anime characters in general.

Steph is like a mix between Rei ( but i'm really hoping Steph doesn't have the same implications as Rei, lol, that would really grind Syd and by extension my heart into the dirt) and  Asuka traits as well with some of her history that I know so far.

Otherworld contains Biblical references (according to Maisy's parents) and Around the Galaxy contains science fiction and if you combine the two you get something similar in vein with the invading Evangelion angel lore and they reflect psychological and symbolic aspects of the characters. (okay haha  now I'm definitely  stretching but it's so fun so Idc)

But yeah, while this was fun to compare them, I am definitely oversimplifying the personalities of both the cast of Lovesick and Eva.

Btw thanks for the response to my other post, it's exciting  conversation. I will reply to it when my thoughts become more coherent. Also I have found  a few grammar errors in your awesome visual novel, and I would be happy to report them to you when I have the time because I want to help you with this project/work of art as much as I possibly can because It's awesome, I will also try to provide some of the data of my playthroughs (I have been playing your game the entire week since I discovered it because I am totally addicted, ( I filled 75 pages of save files desperately trying to make my decisions perfect!)

****Spoiler Details Warning *****
Is Nacho meant to be a more complex character? I just went back to the art exhibit after completing the demo and his analysis and critique duel with Syd shows he has potential to be more sympathetically intelligent  than a  stereotypical alpha male villain that just wants Maisy for her body. That one elaborate argument about the girl and the beast he made caught me completely off guard and I did not expect him to articulate his reasoning against Syd so well. I'm already forming my own headcanon where he is a JRPG villain using  his facade of being an older guy preying on high school girls to hide his even more sinister and malevolent plans but it's actually a grand conspiracy about something deeply philosophical suggested by his overt and reflexive reaction to Jayda's painting and which his manipulation of Maisy is a screen and Syd and him had a old friendship/ long frenemy/arch-rivalry and history  back in Sydney that Syd suppressed out of his memories and they are like two opposing gentleman duelists who have viciously opposing views about relationship ethics.

The detail and artistic style, disarming and tension /dread building was very well designed.  Also, best creepy tutorial intro ever.

Thanks for the kind response, but all in all, great work on this visual novel, it was intriguing, would love to see more of it if you guys have the time for future updates.

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(Spoiler review warning)

I would say the writing does well at building attachment to the friends, except Mike, he's extremely frustrating. Also I think this falls into a few horror cliche tropes of throwing caution to the wind too easily and making the protagonists extremely careless.

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(Spoiler details warning )

I've done all three possibilites with the matches but I don't understand the ending? The writing was good, but the mystery isn't fleshed out well enough in the ending imo, or did  I miss an important plot point?

Fun game. Needs sound fx!