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Not that rare… it’s not hard to catch, you should kinda be able to tell depending on speed. It’s like a moderate speed. Really slow=turtle, impossibly fast=angelfish usually, or jellyfish, octopus is a little fast, moderate/moderate slow= clownfish, eel, herring. You could try saving before you fish and then if you don’t get the right one you can go back 😂 But usually the fish is more expensive then bait so I just get a ton and just sell every fish (unless it’s rare/needed)

go fish it using bait

If you deliver the ink to Quill personally I think he gives you the recipe, otherwise you have to buy it at the market? 

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RIGHT?? Spoiler

 The fact that he can still even save you in that moment, like he still holds you closest to his heart… that’s a real dedicated/obsessed man right there. And then the roles reversed and I chased him around, talk to me dammit!!! Not me missing his sweet talk and softness for our character 😭😂


Arshem really got done dirty by our doppelganger. Like WTF… I was shocked. WHY are they like that!!! And the amount of fear I had anticipating his reaction to finding out our true identity ☠️ Miss Xero please stop breaking my heart!

I simply could not wait any longer for the steam release so I went ahead and got it, absolutely love the story so far! There’s so much to explore and I’m obsessed. Arshem is definitely a favorite so far… but this man has issues!!

This game is absolutely amazing! Just finished Lacy’s route and god… love the banter with him and MC. I need more, dammit. Definitely going to try the others next once my heart settles down a bit 😂

I’m not even done with Emrys’s route but my god… I am in pain right now from what is happening in the story. Devs why did you do this to me… 😭😭

I like the idea of using a random selection of cards to get through your challenges! It was really cool seeing the different effects the cards can have. Played it multiple times and really enjoyed myself. 

I had all my fingers pressed on the keyboard playing this game, and I kept saying things people didn't want to hear! A stressful but fun short game. 

Loved the game. Using cards for conversations is a v good idea! The characters are unique and I really wanted to learn more about all of them. There’s a lot going on and I feel sad that I can’t explore it all in one go, haha! I was upset when I couldn’t connect with one of my favorite characters because I had too much fatigue... I’ll definitely give it another go later.