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It was a bit slow running, but it's an amazing game; I love the art work, the story line, everything

It's probably because it also doesn't really touch on those topics much, but idk

For me it's a bit too slow...

This reminds me of Tinder (I don't use dating apps because there may be serial killers on them, and I won't take any chances) but instead of people, it's choices

As i was playing, I was just thrown into a schizophrenic episode (I have schizophrenia, has been diagnosed by a doctor) this was a good game though!

But in the actual game you can't do that

You can get mobile free, but the actual game on PC isn't

I don't know if a game should decide that.... but I'm just some 14 year old so you do you

I can't click on anything, I keep clicking but nothing happens

I loved the game, it took me forever to play which kept me occupied, however didn't manage to finish it because I couldn't find my way back to town! But I really liked it, I spent almost 2 hours playing it

I really liked this game to be honest

I love this game, I had watched a youtuber called Markiplier play this game, and when I found it on here I decided to check it out. It's a very good game, and I really enjoyed it!

For me, I didn't like it, mainly because I wanted it to be like a dead person who maybe committed suicide, and they couldn't rest because they committed suicide because their kid went missing. And the only way to free the spirit is to find it's kid and to reunite them and let the spirit talk to his daughter. I feel like that would've been better, and if you could actually type questions instead of having to click on paragraphs.

I honestly love typewriters (I'm 14, not a grandma), they always seem so peaceful, and ever since I was young I've wanted one
My grandma used to have one, and I would always just grab it and pretend to be a writer even though it didn't work.And I honestly just love games like this!

I have this game on my phone (downloaded it from the app store) and I'm so glad that it's on here because my phone broke and I'm currently waiting for it to be fixed

Lol ok *man
There, fixed what you said there

Dumbass, you know that saying shit like that hurts people, right? But I bet you don't care because all you care about is yourself and making others feel bad. And don't even think about playing the victim here, because you are not the victim, the person who created this made it to bring awareness to a problem, and then you're over here talking out of your ass? Maybe if you pulled the stick out of your ass you might see things in a different light.