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This game succes to make me smile alone in my room. Who wouldn't fall in love with the cute and shy Gream Reaper? I love Casper! Ahhh! This game is also equipped with character creation and there are mini games. Good Job author!I love it!!

I already finished play version 0.14.4, do i must play again from the start for get the update?

Why i can't continue when appear "whisper or something". I even download this game and reinstall, but the result is still same. I get lagged when that scene appear

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this game so good, the character and story too. I believe you will get 1k downloads and more u know! I really like this, especially Adrian. He is so cute! Ahhh!! and the plot twist of mc make me shocked tho- it's very interesting

yes, i got it. THank you..🤗 

yeah, same problem in here. I can't find natsuki too

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Where I found Natsuki? Is she in sakura village? I can't move to next girl :(

I can't unlock Jack and Derrick's ending 2, anyone can help me? :(

I like this game, the story is super interesting! Many possiblities in every choose I clicked. The MC looks like me, yeah burried all my self in virtual boyfriend app, animes and such things. I think i got a lesson after play this game. Thank you for making this game, can't wait for full version! I'm so curious about what ending Will happen. 🤗

yes, I have played it. Mauro route the best! I already love him since demo version.  Keep up the good work!

this game so interesting, the concept, story and characters too! About future when life completely taking by technology. That's so epic! I can't wait for the full release! T-T

so adorable! in this game i like Nia, so poor when was child and always saw parents fighting. :( and uncle gogo raise her so lovely story. i love this game! other character so cute and have good backstory. sorry for my bad english

lol, become a M and get best end. Noted! thanks btw XD

the story very intersting. I like play this game. you know? the mc have positif vibe and i like it! :D can't wait for full vers game!

Hmm why i can't get "Robin achievement 3"? Is that have special thing to get that ending? Robin bad end, friendship and best end, i got them all. But why achievement 3 so hard to get it?😭

FINALLY!! I want to play James route so bad T_T 

Thank u Celiana!

ahh, why this is short? :u i like this otome, please update soon >.<

Can't wait for u project!


So Caine's route update now?


This game totally great! When play, i found the moment. Oh this MC is totally like me! Love watch anime Villain Academy(?) LOL XD (yeah mumbling)

The story is interesting, and the art very wonderful. I hope the full vers will come out fastly! Ganbatte~ I luv this game!! >.<)/

Can't wait for next project yaaa~~

Uhh, i can't wait!! I'm so excited about this game ><


Uhh, the story and art very good. I like these otome!

Can't wait for full release! ><

I really love this game UwU , ugh!! The Story and art very good, can't wait for next project!! >.<)/ Ganbatte!!