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By the Way Just Pre-ordered the Physical release ;)

Thanks a lot for clarifying this ! Really can't wait for your new game because Robot Jet Action is a true MasterPiece :)

Just saw the cartridge boxed edition is available for pre-order. Is it coming with different levels than the ones in the digital edition (as originally planned as far as i remember) ? Thanks !

Awesome ! The only thing i miss is the SFX of the Engine which is not here, otherwise it's really juicy :) 

You're really impressive at GFXs and coding :)

Juicy !

Excellent ! what a nice achievement for VIC20 ! :)

AS far as i understood the c64 version is supposed to be ARCADE perfect, so basically matches the Arcade version :)

Simply stunning ! :) Will at some point share the code like you did for other games (for learning purpose) ? Anyway, as usual, mind blowing :)

And Again the Master of Code comes in and delivers a pure jewel .... Thank you soooo much :)

Many thanks ! And i really can't wait for the physical cartridge edition :)

Would it be possible to have both versions on the deluxe cartridge ? I'm really looking forward to buy it as this game is one of the most beautifull and most entertaining I've ever played on c64. Would it take too much place on the cartridge ? Thanks !

Thanks a lot for your answer :) I can't wait for the cartridge edition to be available for pre-order. There are a few games i buy as physical, but this one I must get it in a very nice box, and also because the new levels you'll put into it :) Thanks again for all the efforts put into this wonderfull game !

You're my favourite dev buddy :)

I will provide them I promise :)

You just uploaded them !!!! MANY THANKS !!!!

Really impressive, you really put defender on steroïds !!!! By the way, just bought it but noticed there's no file so that i can play it directly in my Pico8. Also would like to play it on my Pocket Chip device which only accepts carts. Any chance to have the cart file to play it on my Pocket Chip ? Thanks !

Will you publish the source code ? :)

Very nice. Would be super nice with joystick control :)

I generally do not like games made with SEUCK. This one is a true beautifull exception !!!! GFXs are just awesome !

Awesome, impossible not to donate when such a jewel is offered for free :) Thank you so much ! (I also can't wait to read the source code :) )

Thanks a lot for the code !!!!! :)

Cool :) And thanks again for making such fun games !!!!!!

I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simple concept but I keep playing it again and again :) Now if you want to share your code, you're more than welcome :)

You're making the magic happening again Thank you sooooo much :)

Can't wait to play it, but it's not clear for me if a digital edition is planed or not, as i did not see it included in the Box package pre-order. Will it be available as a digital download ? Many thanks 

OMG you did it again you are just mu GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much, you rock man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A big YES !!! You did what i thought would never happen on c64. We now have a true, not only decent, but just EPIC conversion of the best Arcade Game ever made, and you are the one who succeeded in this incredible challenge. Many thanks !!!!

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You are my GOD !!!! regarding soft sprites usage, is it only when aliens are static at the top of the screen ? I could them moving by one char to the left or are moving aliens also soft sprites (Which would be really impressive as it would look like the same technic used in "Bandits"). I used to consider "Bandits" as the most tech challenging game ever made, but Galaga is now a serious challenger :) Many thanks again !!!!

OMG, that's just brilliant !!!! Please make it a definitive game, you can still make history on this beloved platform ! Just wondering from a tech side : Are you using soft sprites or sprite multiplexing ? Keep up doing this great work !!!!

Really nice editor ! Keep up doing this great work :)

It's creator day and since i got your other pack which is really mind blowing i went for this one (30$) which is also Ace ! Maybe not for games but to experiment with the MEGA65 8bit computer which is coming by next year and really take advantage of such beautifull arts :) Hopefully you find some time to make other packs. Your're incredibly talented ;)

It's just awesome ! Fantastic design and gameplay ! This really deserves much more play time and much more ennemies !!! Well done !

Hey mate ! would you have any update regarding the release date we can expect ? :) Thanks !

I love it ! Pure Retro Arcade ! It's tons of fun, that's what retro gaming is ! Well done. The only option i miss (unless i did not see it) is the ability to have scanlines, otherwise it's just perfect ! Many thanks !!!!

To be honest with you i also thought that you had forgotten that the original release date was kept in the devlog :) Take it easy and we'll celebrate when the games comes out :)

No problem dude, I perfectly understand the circumstances ;) It perfectly makes sense with regards to the kickstarter campaign. I will wait, It will be even better when i finally can play your game :)

Wasn't the game supposed to be released the 31/01/2020 ? :(

That's exactly what i was thinking. On your kickstarter, the videos are far from reflecting the videos which are here on itchio. And i told myself "wow, this is not the same game !". Whatever, you obviously know how to capture the essence of Old 8 bits shooters, And yes you've made it. You're true impressive game dev ! I do not play AAA games anymore. I prefer to buy Indie Games made by Coders having the passion inside. Many thanks for bringing all this fun to us ;)

Had a lot of fun with the original game on Pico8. I must say i was not 100% convinced by what i originally saw on kickstarter. But now that i see the current game status, i could not resist and pre-ordered it. Can't wait to play this awesome shmup, It takes me back to my Galaxian/Galaga/Defender days on Arcade :)