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Thank you soooooo much for having added Keyboard support !

It indeed perfectly makes sense  and yes experimenting is obviously key to get all what it means when you go for a very specific control scheme :) 

being a true  fan of  Time Pilot / Time Pilot 84 i really enjoy such a game. However i'm a little bit disturbed by the controls. It's just my opinion but i think "Time Pilot" control scheme would suit better here, meaning the ship alway moves forward and with right/left we control the direction.  Also some planets are really coming very fast which  might  be a bit too much on such a  little screen. Anyway as usual, Your massive pixel explosion engine is juicy ! And you perfectly know how to bring this so special & magic arcade feeling in your games. Thanks a lot for all this great stuff you offer to us !

Many thanks. If you do  it,  that will be a really nice addition since your port is really great !

would it be possible to add control via keys ? running this game on a miniconsole device such as rgb30 is not possible. Thanks !

Thanks you sooo much  !!!! my rgb30 would be nothing without these mind blowing arcade ports !!!!!

Thanks a lot ! just supported ;)

Thanks a lot ! just supported ;)

Thanks a lot ! just supported ;)

Thanks a lot ! Just supported ;)

Thanks a lot ! Juste supported ;)

Thanks a lot ! just supported ;)

Thanks a lot, just supported ;)

many pico8 licence owners also own mini console such as rgb30 which natively runs Pico8 rpi version. It would be nice to be able to be able to get .p8.png version to enjoy your games on this device. Your previous games used to be available as .p8.png but you then decide to remove them. Why ? I enjoy supporting other pico8 game devs buying their .p8.png. why would i support a game that can be run natively on pico8 but his dev decides to constrain me to use a web browser ?

Obviously the author does not want more followers ;)

Thanks a lot !!!!!!!! what a masterpiece :)

so still no cartridge format to play on native pico8 ? :(

Thanks a lot  for this drm free version ! Thanks a lot for improving what is already majestic ! I understand most people will play the game on their console, but i  have to say that this beauty would have deserved a boxed edition on PC. Now of course not sure it would have been worth the investment for you :) Anyway congrats  for this awesome  moment in time !

this scrolling and GFXs are really impressive ! 

You have such great conversions of classic retro games. too bad not all of them have .p8 and .p8.png to play them on Pico8 or on retroconsole which support pico8 :(

Hi really awesome version. Any chance we get the .p8 or .p8.png file to play directly un pico8 ? thanks !

Cool ! :)

Wow super nice tool ! hope you will keep improving it !

why is a day so "long" :D

By the Way Just Pre-ordered the Physical release ;)

Thanks a lot for clarifying this ! Really can't wait for your new game because Robot Jet Action is a true MasterPiece :)

Just saw the cartridge boxed edition is available for pre-order. Is it coming with different levels than the ones in the digital edition (as originally planned as far as i remember) ? Thanks !

Awesome ! The only thing i miss is the SFX of the Engine which is not here, otherwise it's really juicy :) 

You're really impressive at GFXs and coding :)

Juicy !

Excellent ! what a nice achievement for VIC20 ! :)

AS far as i understood the c64 version is supposed to be ARCADE perfect, so basically matches the Arcade version :)

Simply stunning ! :) Will at some point share the code like you did for other games (for learning purpose) ? Anyway, as usual, mind blowing :)

And Again the Master of Code comes in and delivers a pure jewel .... Thank you soooo much :)

Many thanks ! And i really can't wait for the physical cartridge edition :)

Would it be possible to have both versions on the deluxe cartridge ? I'm really looking forward to buy it as this game is one of the most beautifull and most entertaining I've ever played on c64. Would it take too much place on the cartridge ? Thanks !

Thanks a lot for your answer :) I can't wait for the cartridge edition to be available for pre-order. There are a few games i buy as physical, but this one I must get it in a very nice box, and also because the new levels you'll put into it :) Thanks again for all the efforts put into this wonderfull game !

You're my favourite dev buddy :)

I will provide them I promise :)

You just uploaded them !!!! MANY THANKS !!!!