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This was wonderful, I really like this a lot! Very much looking forward to the continuation of this project.

(P.S. Believe in yourselves, fellow red house people <3)

The controls generally feel pretty clunky, and the smaller vertical text on the walls is hard to read. The awkward behavior of the NPCs took away from some of the atmosphere. I got stuck walking through a vent and had to quit & reset, too. The character model for Josie was different than the one in the promo images/trailer, which I was disappointed by, but that's a relatively minor thing. I like this so far, it feels promising! Looking forward to more of this project.

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I don't own an Android device, so I can't install it there unfortunately.

Hello, I really enjoy this game, but I am unable to save my progress and have to restart from the beginning category every time I reload the webpage. :( Is there a possibility that this issue may be rectified?

I just re-downloaded the updated version and it is much better. A direct link will not be necessary, but thank you very much for offering, as well as for updating the file quality in general.

Hello, I just bought and downloaded this tutorial, but the image quality is poorer compared to the preview snippets. Could I please request that you update the downloadable file to higher quality?

I understand now, thank you very much for your reply.

Hello, I wanted to ask what happend to your zine I Don't Know What To Do was removed? I'm sorry for asking something so unrelated here but I can't tweet you to ask since I don't have an account there.

Is there any way I could download the individual tracks?

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I tried to download the MacOS version, but I got a 404 error page. Can the Mac app still be downloaded in some other way?

Defund the police! :D

Hello, I like this game but I can't progress because the skateboard never appears in the tree in the second stage, the one right after the film sequence. I'm unsure whether or not I am missing something, and I can't initiate any dialogue with Eirik to find a hint.