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Game starts fine, usually I can get thru the first room, when you get the the flying sequence, at first you can control it, then controls stop, then the screen freezes, getting back to windows is hard, CTRL-ALT-DEL works most of the time but on the previous version I had to power cycle to recover. I suspect a memory leak of some type. This is happens on the first version I downloaded and the new Revised! version.

win 10 amd ryzen 7 rx5700 game freezes and must CTRL-ALT-DEL to kill game. looks decent wish it worked for me.

Hey I bought the game on Steam sale but want a copy for my linux laptop. Hope you don't mind me not paying here. Love the art style.

Once again you knock it out of the park. Always impressed with your work.

Numbers and some common punctuation maybe?

Also a view with key info 'A = rune' please?

Thanks no matter what!

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My inner 1977 DM approves 100%!

Edit: Just figured out you are the creator of Myst (not that myst but another myst) always impressed with your work. Tossed you a coin!

void linux 64bit on amd a12 apu = does not run.


Agree the game is worth something. I got it via Groupees bundle. Playing on linux (lubuntu 16.10 x64) in a HP Pavilion g7 laptop with 240Gb SSD, 8Gb ram, AMD A6 Vision quad 1.5Ghz (== 6520G graphics) plays OK (== playable) at 1600x900 (17" lcd native rez) choosing "fastest" setting in start up dialog.

Thanks and Good Luck!

lubuntu 16.10 on hp laptop amd a6 vision. downloaded (not itch client), right clicked and extracted with archive manager. set execute bit on x86_64 file. worked fine. enjoyed my first rafting session. please keep making the linux builds!

OK, I bought the play store version. If I feel the need I might grab the PC version. Thanks for the reply. Neat little game.

If I buy the android version on the play store can I get access to the PC version as well?

FYI I love the micro game genre, add in the retro gameboy look and feel and happy happy.