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It's fun, but it really needs a few quality of life improvements. Being able to rebind the keys is a must; F is possibly the worst 'interact' button I've ever seen. Also the running being all-at-once instead of just using the bar as long as you hold it is kind of a pain, and I don't know if the clown's music is supposed to be directional but it's not for me. 

With some small updates this could be a really great game, and I'd love to see it on Switch!

Losing points from not completing a task should be removed, or at least heavily nerfed. The punishment should be not getting any points, going into the negative is too much. Especially when you get tasked to submit 7 signals in a single day, it's not possible.

Rebinding the movement keys breaks the ladder, I had to reset them to default to go up

This is my favorite game of the 22 Demo Disk, and I can't wait for more! It has such a strong classic Zelda vibe, like Ocarina and Wind Waker. I love honeybees and this one is a real cutie, great job!

It's fun but too easy, especially when you realize the grenades are infinite, don't hurt you, and can be rapid-fired at close range. Anything in your way is shredded if you hold fire and keep right clicking, especially the bosses. 

Also I'm sure it's just from being so early in development but not even a "You Win" screen? I was confused when the level after Krampus had the tutorial signs. 

A bug I noticed: if you shoot or lob a grenade at Krampus before the cutscene, he turns in place for his animation. Looking forward to continued development!

It's cute but damn near impossible to aim the presents, they just fling wildly in the general direction you're moving

Love both of these games, but this one was a lot harder. I had to look at a walkthrough more than once, and I don't like how you apparently can't go back to being the mouse. Despite that the writing is great and the naughty sprite art is A++.

10/10, would ruin their marriage again

I love the broken physics. After a while it really started to bug out and objects are floating around the house for no reason before I launch. I think I launched so hard into space once the speed had an overflow error, and now the fruitcake is eternally in slow-mo. 

Current high score: 23,980


I really love the demo and can't wait for the full game, two things I noticed (that probably have already been fixed):

Going to the options menu repeatedly during gameplay broke the text and screen overlays. It all turned to missingno-style glitch boxes and I couldn't see the items bar or crouch indicator

There needs to be an option to disable motion blur. The high default sensitivity is bad enough but just turning around hurts my eyes.

The "demo" is really more of a trailer you walk through, but it's interesting so far. All the characters were funny in their own way and the voice chat really helps to sell it, I just wish it didn't go by so fast. The choppy editing and jumping around makes it very hard to follow, and the HUD covers way too much of the screen. Other than that I liked it for the most part, but I didn't see anything that warrants a stream-safe mode

I like what the game has to offer so far but the tank controls really bother me, I hope the full version has an option for a more modern control scheme.

Very nice game, really captures the spirit of the season! The pixel art and references are great, and the kids have cute writing, even what she does at the end seems like a happy ending. 

I did notice one bug, picking up the rose says "picked up 4 o clock." Also at the beginning it says "October 31st, 1830," is that a typo or the time?

The diner conversation has so many little details it makes me wonder if the dev is from West Virginia, or is it just continuing the reference to Silent Hill? If not you did a good job, I live not far from Elkins and was surprised to see it mentioned.