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Edward Iverson is an uwu

I love baby yoda. Yoda is love. Yoda is life. Yoda is scarier than you think. Good game! I love the idea and graphics. Thank you, chibixi!


So, spoiler alert, I was playing the game and decided to replay the mom's room scene. I did not slow down the second time because of a headache, and I could not read the paper with writing. I got stuck in the room. Bug?

I really enjoyed this game! The graphics were very nice and the message was heartfelt. Thank you.

This feels familiar... I have not yet played this game nor heard of it, but it feels as if I have experienced it...

this is why I shouldn't get attached to things ;-;

I wish there were possibly different endings, but other than that, it's really impressive!

Honestly probably one of the best games I've ever played

I love this game so much. I'm a little sad that there were only 3 endings, but, overall, I think it's a smart game.