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Join the discord! We love it just as much!


Ayo it seriously got some wicked updates, nice job crane this is sick


This is amazingly made! Great job Bratan!

Fuck yeah!

Howdy, I made that server, here's a link if you'd like lol


you're not stupid, I'm anxious for an ending to the game too lol

Amazing work on this! I loved the experience!

Amazing game! Frustrating initially, for sure, but awesome gameplay and aesthetic all around!

I will post new link, thank you for letting me know :)

Incredible experience and wonderful ending

nice job

this thread is hurting my head because you're both going back to it day after day

I'm amazed this has no comments as it's an awesome experience!

on this game board yes, but here is link for extra convenience

(made by me!)

much appreciated

Remember to use the Navigator to explore unexplored areas!


...player can kill seagulls? 🤔

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Update, up to TWO WHOLE MEMBERS (not including me), added a lot of basic content and pages as well as stole a lot of Crane's in game content to use as emoji (I will take them down if requested, of course)

Nice vid

Hey Spafuji! Just want to say that this is awesome for someone's first game, and I have prepared a review!

Initially starting up the game you're greeted with high res graphics coupled with a nostalgic pixel art setting. Gameplay is consistent and smooth, animations are lovely to take part in and overall package is well done for a first time project.

Looking forward to seeing what this developer will be working on in the future. :)

Made by me and extremely unofficial

Here's the link

If at any point Crane would like to join I will of course forfeit ownership over to him 👉

is there not a discord already?

then again it seems crane has also spent countless hours coding Val to turn in whatever direction necessary whenever the player decides to make a left turn in the middle of a right dash, so I'm sure this will be addressed in the future

this did not age well

ah yeah same

aight after several attempts I have deduced that this is an impossible task

do you have speedrun timer on

dumb question, how to unload mercuryblasts..?

cool, I will try this


was it what you were hoping for?

I mean I hope they keep backflipping in the game because oh my god it is beautiful to witness

soooooooo I broke my save file trying to do that because when I went back into the sewers to get back to sludge lake, I did get there, I just couldn't get back to the night market because the platform you first use to scale the sewers refused to work and I was trapped in the sewers