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That's a fun physics game for the GBA! I love the looks of it, great work!

Hi! I know it's been a long pause, but now you can view the flipnote authors, among many other new features. Hope you've been able to repair your DSi in the mean time.

Interesting concept!

Doing it as Scratch project is what makes it the most unique Flipnote Studio related project I've ever found. I believe that rounding the computed number of frames up to the nearest integer would make more sense. If you' re up to a challenge and want to give it a deep thought, there is a more sopisticated frames-related problem addressing the sound issue:

Knowing the target length of an animation in seconds, one needs to find the correct combination of animation playback speed and bgm recording speed in order to improve the sound quality while keeping its size under acceptable limits (~249KB, <60 seconds). 

Overall, it was fun messing with your "game"/tool and that really made my day!

This game has so much potential! It's simple yet fun. Glad to see some nice homebrew for the DS being made once in a while.

Alright! Thanks for your interest in my game! And have fun!

1.5.2 is technically the last version of the game. The only thing the jam version adds is the GBA Jam logo splash screen. Otherwise, it's exactly the same game. If you want, you can consider that the jam version is the "final" one, because the game was primarily intended as a jam submission.

Thank you!

Thanks for trying it! It's alright, your feedback is pertinent, I'm aware that not really much is to be said about my game :))

I've always been a fan of title screens in form of a map you can walk around and interact with stuff, and I'm glad to see this idea is receiving love from other developers. I'd like to see how this goes on if you keep working on it.

A title screen full of originality. It is fun to watch, and the way Coquiman(?) catches a fly with their tongue from time to time is so entertaining. 

That's how the perfect testing playground looks like! Chaotic randomness and things that may seem out of place, but their main purpose is only to do their job. I can't stop watching the cool character animation. It looks so much like a 3d model that it first tricked me into thinking it is a bunch of geometric shaped sprites stacked on top of each other, like I saw some people simulate their 3d on retro platforms. 

The sky texture looks fabulous! Indeed, the screen screams for some animation like sparkling stars or something, but still it makes a good job of inducing a cosmic world vibes.

That picture background looks a bit hard to create by combining 4-bit palettes. Saying this is your first time trying GBA programming, you have my deepest respect for it!

Wonderful! The autumn vibes I miss in real life, here I find it in a GBA title screen. The scrolling map is absolutely magical. Everybody gangsta till you press B and skyrocket beyond map boundaries :))

Some modern UI looks come to the GBA. I don't exactly know what I'm looking at but that's damn satisfying.

The cartoonish style makes it feels I'm playing some kind of Flash game. Now I'm overflowing with nostalgia. Also, let's make dogs the center figure of this jam :))

Your art looks so good it makes me jealous :)) And the way the game's logo fades in is simply astounding.

The neon lines remind me of the nightclub in GTA Vice City. The title is so pretty, and it's obvious you have a spectacular eye for detail.

Virtual Boy vibes :) I'm amazed whenever I see Mode 7-like games, and the fog/shadow in the far distance is a splendid touch. Congrats for the game!

Such a nice game! The board layout reminds me of Fire Emblem in some ways. Good work!

Thanks a lot! I threw in some random playable screens because I didn't really want to deliver a "game-less" ROM. The chess metaphor illustrates how the human brain can make up things in dire situations in order to make us feel assured, but later we discover it was just a volatile thought and the only thing you can do is to face your actual fate. I refrained from explaining too much in the game because I wanted to give players the liberty to interpret this in any way they want. Glad you were curious about it!

Thank you! It is "silent" because my engine doesn't have any music routines, yet. Besides, the rotation stuff consumed enough cycles I was afraid it would distort the sound :) 

I understand. Being a bit struggling to read was kinda part of the design, but it shouldn't have been that hard. The text you're showing says "survive". I may rethink the font choice in the future. The rotation would distort some letters anyway, but hopefully would be much more clear that way. Thanks for remarking this issue!

I lacked inspiration to be honest. Thanks a lot for your feedback! Could you please explain the issue about the words you couldn't decypher? Is it about the title screen?

What a cool game! I'm smiling because it's all fun and cute. I'm crying thinking about how much work and skill was needed to make it feel that smooth!

I usually avoid playing Commodore games because I find them hard to emulate for a noob like me. Yet I come to realize there are beautiful games there too. Thanks a lot for making these gems more accessible to everyone!


Thank you!

Thanks! Same goes for you too!

What a lovely game! I'm a galsses-dependent myself and can totally relate to Mr. Hedgehog. Also, I always enjoy your brilliant mechanics!

That sounds so epic! Keep up your good work! Happy holidays, too!

Hi! I'm glad you like it! The controls are mapped to some button you would use on a real Game Boy, maybe that's why they may seem a bit weird. (I think I forgot to include the real console buttons names too, oops). Anyway, thank you for your kind words!

That's AWESOME!!! The story, the art, the sounds, it's all fabulous. I think this is my favorite game now. The fact that you have to close the game in order to "wake up" is absolutely mind-blowing! Thank you very much for this carefully crafted gift, Santa! In the event that you intend to update this game, I'll be impatient to try out the new features. Now that I've played it, I'll go have a good night sleep 😊

Looks excellent so far! Your  proof of concept is way better than most of my "finished" games! Keep up your good work!

Hi! About your Kvalligraphy font, I thought it was cute the first time I saw it, though I agree some improvements would be highly appreciated (especially when you come to distinguish between groups of letters like L, I, lowercase-L on a small screen with probably no backlight).

 If you don't mind asking, would I be allowed to use the "raw" version of the font to compile it into my own GBA font format, as I don't use neither GBStudio or butano? (I may use it in a possible future game) Thank you 😊

And don't forget you're doing great work so keep it up!