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It looks so great for your first try on that console! Very nice graphics and concepts. I also enjoyed the gameplay. Though I was confused in the beginning, I started to feel the rhythm of the game in the next minutes of playing. Nice work and keep up your good work!

That accurately describes the gameplay! Thanks for playing it!

Thank you for your nice words! I'm so glad you like it!

This game is so fun! The way levels are designed is  astounding. I especially like how platformers combine with space shooters. Maybe some in-level checkpoints could be a great addition. Good work!

One of the few arcade games I find both relaxing & entertaining. Congratulations for the jolly mood created by the graphical design and the innovative gameplay!

What a nice game this is! I love the concept and the design.

I'm so glad you like it! 😊

Thanks! 🤩

Good luck!

I don't have experience with butano, but I took a quick look through the code and found out that log function has different implementations separated by an #ifdef statement depending on the target emulator.  Not an advised opinion, but I think you should have a different build compatible with each emulator you want to display log messages in. Hope you can get something useful from these!

The sounds and the graphics perfectly fit the mood of the game. Plus the story and entertaining gameplay, this game has all the ingredients to be called a masterpiece!

I managed to play some rounds, it works fine on mGBA just as you said. I also tried to play it on VBA and no$gba but I could see nothing in debug messages.

I got a bit puzzled while trying to run your game (honestly it's my first time playing a GBA game in the debug window, which clearly makes it a unique experience haha).  However, I saw your impressive cards design on discord, and... I am waiting to play a final version of your game!

Thank you for feedback! There'll probably be more fixes in a further version.

Awesome! Wish I was master at this game. 380 is maximum I've achieved so far =))

According to the rules, "The final deliverable must consist of a GB or GBC ROM file".  So... no GBA entries.

I think there was a special jam for Gameboy Advance games:

Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate it a lot!

I live for constantly trying something new and... I am just curious to see how the finished product will look like. I see this competition as one of the few chances to actually get serious about making a game while enjoying the dozens of hours of planning, coding, testing, drawing, debugging. I'm not a veteran in GBDev, but I'll make sure to have fun and give my absolute best. Good luck to everyone!