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Hi all! Only wants to share the Summer hit of F@ckBears, they will be part of Clarisse Soundtrack.  Enjoy 

Really thanks Nogoodnik Games :) Nice to meet you!

Thank you! We are working hard to make it real Sismanski. Nice to meet you ;)

Thanks!! :)

Clarisse has been Greenlit by the comunnity!! Thanks to all for the help and feedback. Working hard to make it real.

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We finally have launched our Greenlight campaign for "Clarisse". So if you wanna support us, you can do it through the next link! Mr. Cat will love you all!

Steam Greenlight Link:

"In days like today Mr. Cat always raise my mood"

Happy Valentines day!

Hi all ! We want to tell you that we are working hard these days in Clarisse and...

Mr. Cat is alive! At the moment, he is constantly suffering from the movement of our laboratory devices. Fortunately, Mr. Cat knows how to accommodate himself.

Thank you for all the feedback in your comments and the video gameplay, it help us to know better the feeling of the game. Have a nice day from NotHumanGames Team :)

Hello ! Thanks for the video gameplay and for all the feedback you give us ! We try to improve the game with all the tips :)

Thanks ! We enjoy seeing the gameplay you made ! We hope to finish the game developement and bring the extended experience of the game. :)

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Hey ! Thanks for playing and for the video review. It is super important all the feedback that you give us ! Thanks for the Grammar corrections (we have to be careful with that) and for you final thoughts about the game and how you like it to evolve.

We will keep up working very hard on Clarisse to make the better game that we can !

Thanks again :)

Woahh ! thanks for the video review, man ! That´s awesome. We are very happy that you enjoyed the game ! We hope to end the development of the game in the next months :)