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MC has shadow super powers and still loses to randoms because they're ROs. Hope we get to kill them later.

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All I'm saying is you need a path where being dominant changes that part cause building up dominant stat just for nothing to happen is insane. All I feel like is I wasted my time. Game of Thrones tried to subvert peoples expectations and look how that turned out.

Tbh all it's gonna do is make people pissed off and annoyed and just start not doing her route. Especially if the entire game works one way and then this route is just there to trick you.

then why have a domination stat at all. What exactly is the point in that? There should be different route if our character is more dominant.

So is Jens route always a cuck route not matter what

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Sucks were some boring "finding stuff" god

Is there any way Arthur can be gender selectable, all the other ROs are and it feels weird the one who you're forced to be with isn't.

Grest just making sure I didn't secretly miss an option in game for it.

Will Veera be a LI cause I was most interested in her?

I just saw some of the art looked different on the steam page for the cgs. 

Miss the old art style

What's the point in making the Hero gender selectable if they aren't a LI

Do you have to enable it in the settings or is it all good? Sorry about all the question lol.

Does the Android version have the 18+ patch?