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nothing special

A member registered Nov 29, 2019

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Nice little down-to-essentials dungeon crawler. 

It would be nice if there was an option to disablevibration tho. 

oh, found the warlock stats in the comments.

oh, you speak russian... whatever, its too awkward to change language after two responses....

aside from my response below, i wanted to say that your game really catch most of the things i fond essential to roguelikes (aside from, probably, identification). it is certainly leaves better impression than card roguelikes with no map that lack tangibility or roguepuzzles that usually have more stuff but less... i dunno how it put in words... tightness? think dungelot. basically youve managed to land in a sweetspot. for the jam entry its just perfect.

i have one minor suggestion. after finding amulet (or what the goal card is... sorry, no shift-clicking for a phone, as i said!)  on a lower level, it would be nice of there were an option to delve deeper with a couple more stages, with the guaranteed amulet in the second (or maybe third) one. it may not really have a purpose without scoring, but sometimes you just want to test your hand, yaknow?

ah, just got an idea for the ingame help. similar to [x] mark to the right, you could add [?] mark to the left (and even on the starting screen really). clicking it would display "Drag card here to learn about its properties. (You can also Shift-Click card to reveal the description)x and dragging card there would work as shift-click currently. that shurely would be more obvious for new players.

hi Watabou, i have really similar impression of the game to be fair. i do understand the advantages of the monk (and ive finished the game with the monk my first time), but i don't really see the strenghts of a warlock, only a kinda gimmicky difference of having a charmed enemy at the starting hand. maybe im missing something?

also shift-clicking on a phone isn't really an option...