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I am a bit confused on the queen bee's abilities., mainly the enraged mode that does +30dmg.

I would also appreciate there was a way to see detailed description on each enemy and their abilities (Like some monster library that gives information on enemies that you have fought/killed and not before then.)  Something like that would be highly appreciated by me and more players. 

Good game, but enemy abilities are a bit confusing when haven't played the game for a long time. Overall, you need some knowledge of the game, a good strategy and decent RNG to be able to win this game.

Nice game. More levels please.

Simple concept, it is a good game.

I there something that makes the queen bee angry or is it a thing that happens after a set number of turns have passesd?

Bad rng. It happens all the time.

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A bit overkill. I really hate those green healers since they heal alot of hp.

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The muscle guy goes 10 dmg but if you cover all the red spaces then it will only do 5 dmg.

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2 OP heal dices and attack dices(6 every time).